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November 5, 2012

Improving Your New Patient Sign-ups and Re-signs Through Chiropractic Service Excellence

Filed under: Chiropractic Coaching,Growth,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 11:03 pm

Have you ever felt in practice, as much as you love it, that it starts to get a bit mundane, a little bit routine? This can be a catastrophe in the chiropractor’s office!

In this video I discuss the critical importance of chiropractic service excellence and of getting the new patient started on a strong foot so that your credibility is high, so that they trust you and will not only sign up for treatment after the initial report of findings, but will re-sign and continue receiving care from you in the future.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t get anybody to sign up,” if you’re not seeing the re-signs you would like or simply are not growing your volume and practice at the rate you would like, then you need to work on your Chiropractic Service Excellence. Check out the video below!

October 28, 2012

Using The Film ‘Doctored’ As A Chiropractic Marketing Tool

Filed under: Philosophy,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:01 am

In this video, Dr. Billy DeMoss interviews Dr. Gilles DeMarche. Dr. DeMarche tells the story of Jeff Hayes – producer of Doctored – contacting DeMarche in order to begin getting the movie in front of chiros for the first time at Parker Vegas.

Dr. DeMarche explain, in a way that will leave you excited and MOTIVATED, the importance of every single chiropractor helping to promote this film. As Dr. DeMarche explains, this great film is of little use if it is only seen by chiropractors. Instead, we need to get this out to the general public in our communities.

Dr. DeMarche asks 3 important questions to each of us as chiropractors:

1) Do you as a chiropractor believe that every American should be given the right to see this film?

2) If hundreds of thousands of Americans did see this film, do you think we could change the healthcare paradigm as it exists today?

3) What if 100 or 1,000 people in YOUR community saw this film….do you think you could change your practice?

Next, Dr. DeMarche suggests some grassroots but powerful ways to TAKE ACTION to make this 3rd point HAPPEN. One way he talks about is to hand out DVD’s that Jeff Hays has made available (you can find them here). For $1,297 you get 100 personalized DVD’s to hand out with your practice name and info on them. DeMarche explains why at $13 bucks a piece this is a fantastic idea as a new patient lead generation method as the movie essentially sells the viewer ON chiropractic. He also offers some cool pointers on what specifically to say to your people as you hand these out to get the most bang for your buck and to make sure the DVDs (with your name and contact info on them) continue to be passed along…gaining you and your clinic exposure all the while.

Dr. DeMarche says that this is the best chiropractic marketing strategy to have every shown up in the profession and explains that you’re not only gaining new patients for your practice, but that you’re also furthering two other important causes: 1) you’re doing something to educate and transform the general ignorance of the general population around healthcare option, and 2) you’re preserving and protecting the future of our profession through promotion.

Take a few minutes and check it out!


October 26, 2012

Personal Strategic Planning: 4-Step Action Plan to Strengthen Your Personal Skills

Filed under: Growth,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:14 am

In this blog post by Brian Tracy discusses personal strategic planning: 4 steps to strengthening your personal skills. Success in chiropractic or in any area of your life begin and ends with you. This is exactly why it is critical to take time out from working in your practice to not only work on your practice, but to work on your own personal game.

In this article, Tracy’s 4-step plan for honing yourself and your game include: 1) clarifying your values, 2) creating your personal mission statement, 3) performing a self-audit to strengthen your skills and 4) determining your area of excellence.


Read the full article here:

October 25, 2012

The Danger of Self-Deception and Your Chiropractic Success

Filed under: Chiropractic Coaching,Growth,Patients,Philosophy,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:04 am

Self-Deception and Chiropractic SuccessEach day in our practices, we have the tendency to look outside ourselves to the people and circumstances around us upon which we can place blame and from which we can make excuses as to why we haven’t grown in the ways we could.

But the fact of the matter is, it’s all YOU. It’s your thinking. It’s your clarity (or lack-thereof) of your vision. It’s your scripting. It’s your procedure. To really grow a thriving, successful practice you need to always remember: your success or failure in the business of chiropractic at the end of the day boils down to one thing, and one thing alone: you.

October 24, 2012

Chiropractic Must Stop Promoting Everything But The Adjustment

Filed under: Patients,Philosophy,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:30 am

Chiropractic AdjustmentOne of the things I am constantly driving into the minds of my chiropractic coaching members is the vital importance of being laser-focused on not only goals for your practice, but also your purpose. Focus in everything you do. Clarity is power. One of the things happening today in chiropractic is this enormous distraction in our profession by a seemingly endless array of add-on services, supplements, products, you name it.

This diffused focus on the part of chiropractors results not only in confusion among the general public as to what chiropractic even is; it also and, perhaps more dangerously to you, results in a diffused, scattered way of thinking, a diffusion of focus, purpose and SKILL in the one core area your patients are paying you to get results in: CHIROPRACTIC.

In this video, Keith Maule makes some very good points every chiropractor needs to hear!



October 23, 2012

Chiropractic Success: 2 Books You Must Read To Go BIG!

Filed under: Chiropractic Coaching,Growth,Money,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 3:40 pm

I often tell my chiropractic coaching groups – “All leaders are readers.” If you want to grow an enormously successful chiropractic practice, you must get serious about getting as much quality information INTO you mind as you possibly can.

In the past 8 weeks or so I have read 7 books. Here are two that you should go order NOW if you’re serious about building a thriving, profitable practice:

The first, is The E-Myth Chiropractor, which you have likely seen or at least heard of by Michael Gerber and Frank Sovinsky, D.C. You have seen this book around, no doubt. But do you OWN it? Have you READ it? How many times?

The E-Myth Chiropractor


The second is The Fertile Ground Manual: Creating Fertile Ground In Your Practice by Dr. Ben Altadonna.


The Fertile Ground Manual

You can get the details by clicking directly on the images of the books above which will take you directly to Amazon. Once there, you could order these on Kindle and be reading them in less than 3 minutes from now. The E-Myth Chiropractor is available on audio so you can even listen to it in your car or while working out.

Remember: All leaders are readers.

Reading 30-60 minutes per day in your field can cause you to be massively successful in only a few short years. So, what are you waiting for!

You can order both books here:

The E-Myth Chiropractor – by Michael Gerber and Frank R. Sovinsky, D.C.

The Fertile Ground Manual – by Dr. Ben Altadonna


October 22, 2012

Image and Chiropractic Success: A Chiropractic Consultant’s Perspective

Filed under: Chiropractic Coaching,Growth,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 10:05 am

Like it or not, image matters.

If your image is lousy, it won’t matter what you say.  People do not listen to people who look like slobs.  People do not listen to people who look broke.  People do not listen to people who are sloppy.  People do not listen to other people who smell, have bad breath, dirty fingernails, are unkempt or whose car is a disaster.  If they’re outside in a scenario where people can see things like that and make judgments on you, I am telling you, your credibility is important.  So that means your image is important because as Maxwell Maltz, famous plastic surgeon and incredible author of the book, Psycho Cybernetics teaches us, “Image is all.”

Why?  People buy with their eyes.  People believe with their eyes.  So if you want to have any credibility, any power, any persuasive ability, you better look like you should.  And it isn’t a matter of being a triathlete or a Victoria’s Secret model.  It is not that.  It is how you present yourself.  Are you clean?  Are you sharp?  How is your hair?  How are your nails?  Do you look nice?  Do your clothes fit?  Do you look credible?  Do you look powerful?  Not overdone.  Do you look smart?  Do you look sharp?  Do you look like someone people will want to listen to?  I got an incredible compliment once.  I didn’t realize it was a compliment until years later, maybe 10 years later.  As I was graduating from chiropractic college, one of the vice presidents of the chiropractic college caught me in the hallway and he said, “Tory, you’re going to be successful because you look successful.”  That meant nothing to me at the time, but it means everything now and I was very appreciative that he had said that.  I’m very thankful that he had said that and of course, now that’s what we want to teach and promote to you – and it’s critically important.

What are you wearing?  How do you smell?  What do your hands look like?  Are your teeth clean?  Do you have good breath?  Do you floss?  How is your posture?  Are you getting adjusted yourself?  What are you thinking about?  Are you full of worry and doubt and disappointment and fear and all that stuff, usually over financial things or things related to your practice or even in your personal life?  Well, those are topics for other CDs, but I am telling you, we have got to have our mind clear, we’ve got to be in a thankful state, got to be full of gratitude, got to be appreciative and we’ve got to look right.  So when you speak to somebody, they know that someone of power is talking.  And we have to make sure that’s the case.  In fact, I would hope for my clients, that if there were a room with 100 chiropractors, I will tell you this, you can look around and you’ll see who the powerful ones are in the group.

And it’s not because they’re dressed fancy.  It’s because of their demeanor.  It’s because of their posture.  It’s because of the expressions on their face.  It’s because of their cleanliness.  It’s because of the confidence in their walk, their mannerisms, their gestures, their certainty.  See?  So when people are around them, they listen because everybody loves to listen to people who are credible and powerful and sharp and smart and nice and caring about them and their best interests.

What are one or two things you could do today to begin improving YOUR image?

October 21, 2012

The Dead Chiropractic Society Weekly Buzz With Dr. James Chestnut

Filed under: Growth,Philosophy,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:05 am

One of the things I am always stressing to my chiropractic coaching clients is the importance of being philosophically grounded in chiropracTIC. Without a solid foundation, a clear WHY with regard to why you do what you do as a chiropractor, any subsequent efforts on your part to build a successful practice will yield flimflam results at best. Be on fire with purpose, be clear as to who you are as a chiropractor and be clear what you’re doing it all for. 

The following video with Dr. Billy DeMoss and Dr. James Chestnut will get you fired up! 

October 20, 2012

Anchoring Yourself To Chiropractic Philosophy

Filed under: Philosophy,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:48 am

The most successful chiropractors out there are the ones who are the most philosophically grounded. In this video I explain that, while chiropractic is a philosophy, art AND science…that it was a philosophy FIRST. I also emphasize that while chiropractic is many things, it is fundamentally about ONE thing. You must base your thinking, your philosophy around this one core principle to give your practice a solid foundation. 

October 19, 2012

The Secret to Having a High-Powered, Efficient Chiropractic Office

Filed under: Growth,Success — Dr. Tory Robson @ 5:32 am

In this video, I discuss the critical importance of making time in your schedule to work ON (not in) your practice. You must create, you must designate time out, away from it all to be IN your command center where you can think, strategize, organize and plan. How many hours a week is that for you right now? How much time are you spending now working ON your practice so that you can have a high-performance practice when the doors are open?

You don’t need new patients; you need to get your schedule in order, your TIME in order, your CA’s schedule in order and then you will naturally grow because you’ve created a better place for your patients to come to. THAT is what builds the practice of your dreams.

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