What Is the Best Way to Train a New CA?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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The best way to train a CA is to use our Master CA training checklist. This is an invaluable tool for our clients.

We have over 100 videos plus the master CA training checklist to make our CA training excellent. Our CA Mastery Set also has vital video lessons for all CAs. It also has extensive information that teaches a doctor how to be a good employer. Every doctor needs this product set.

How to turn on the heat to how to use all the equipment must be covered. Everything must be trained in the office in much more detail than the doctor thinks, and much more often. I mean to the point where you’re removing the top off of equipment to show people the inner workings of it. Or explaining in detail how electrons are boiled off of a tungsten disc in the X-ray machine to produce an image on the carbon grid.

People need a lot more training than you think and they need to hear it a lot more times than you think. This is no different than learning a move in martial arts or learning how to play an instrument. It takes a lot more work and a lot more practice than many think to become proficient.

This is why the team meetings and the team huddles are so important. Here, things can be reviewed consistently and trained as needed. It can happen where a person will not be able to pick things up and they simply won’t have the IQ to handle all the particles of activity that are occurring in your office.

This is fine, not everybody’s cut out for running a chiro office. Everybody has different skill sets and different levels of ability. Some people are better at math, some people are better at speaking, some people are better athletically, some people will be better with billing, and some people will be better with dealing with patients on the phone. Everybody has their skill set.

Our goal is to understand what people are good at and fit them into our office as effectively as possible.

We recommend for fun, and for business value, understanding the personality of each employee as well as yourself. You can do a simple Enneagram test and Love Traits test. You will be amazed at how different everybody is. This is step one to being able to get along and be more productive.

You will realize that they are different than you. You will then be better equipped to relate to them based on the type of attention that they respond to most readily.

Some people are very good behind the scenes and don’t want be out front talking to people very much. Other people are very much “hostess types,” but if you have them do your billing, you’re going to be in trouble. A very quiet, shy person will not be nearly as effective running Zone 1 as a more assertive person.

The smart doctor has to assess the qualities and the skills of the person and get them where they need to be and doing what they are good at.

If they are not good at a task, you may have to replace them. It is that simple. You cannot make someone who hates public speaking suddenly love it. And you can’t make someone who is not that good at math and doesn’t like detail work, sit down and do your billing.

The hiring process is where this all starts and then training using our Master Checklist. Good communication from the doctor at all times leads to a cohesive, record breaking team that changes their community!

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