How Important is Your Name, Logo, and URL?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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The branding of any business is critical.

Many companies spend months figuring this out before they launch anything.

Look at the incredible names for businesses that have become unbelievably successful. Uber, Lululemon.

These names were determined by a committee of incredibly smart people after much trial and error to come up with the perfect name.

Then the logo they use for branding. Then what the company stands for.

Anybody who is aware of Lululemon is aware of their branding. What they stand for is fitness, life, activity, fun, style and vitality.

They are literally a phenomenon worldwide right now.

You may be sitting there thinking: “Tory, what should I name my office?”

Think doctor. You tell me what you feel are good potential names and URLs.

I have an odd ability to generate incredible practice names in seconds. I have lost count of all the practice names I’ve created for people. Every one of them is a winner.

Many chiropractors today are coming up with goofy names that don’t make any sense. They’re just picking a random word, that’s sort of a good word on its own, and attaching it to chiropractic.

Other names are incredibly good, especially for the area where the person is.

I want you to also focus on your URL. A chiropractor IS their URL these days.

See you really have two names. Clinic name and URL. They must make sense.

Your website is the place where you have all information for the public to see.

One of our doctors in Florida has the URL Say it and listen to how well that rattles off your tongue. It is perfect.

Compare to: Too long. I didn’t know better back in 2008!

Now say:

See the difference?

One of the greatest marketers in history who is a legend in online marketing took a long time to figure out the name he was going to use for his online marketing.

The name he came up with was David D’Angelo.

And the product he sold was called Double your Dating.

Now listen to that: David D’Angelo Double your Dating.

No wonder he’s generated like $100 million online and is now an online legend.

Consider Dunkin Donuts. They have average donuts and average coffee but the most successful chain of its kind in the world because of its name! And marketing of course.

Do you think if it was called Fred’s Cola we would be drinking Coca-Cola right now.

Coca-Cola is probably the most profitable name ever for any business in history. It is unbelievably good.

In fact. Many people are into “crypto” without realizing it is that incredible name that got them interested. The name is so good.

You may already have a name. I’m not saying you should change it but what I am saying is that you need to have a good URL, a very good logo, and have your logo on everything. From the website, to the front door, to decals on your referral board, to your business card, to all brochures and promotional pieces, and everywhere online so people can recognize it.

Imagine all the business logos you recognize from McDonalds, Apple, and the NFL to H&R Block where everybody’s looking for their green box logo when they’re driving down the road to get their taxes done.

We want something similar if it all possible. I can create a name that will last way beyond the chiropractors career in that office.

I’m amazed at the chiropractors who think they’re going to design a logo themselves. They always look like a kid made it.

You must hire an expert for something this important.

You hire an expert designer to create the logo, the design for the business card, letterhead, envelopes, and the website. It goes on everything.

I can see it now. Members will be reading this and calling me to see if they should rename and re-brand their office. Probably not, and if you are cranking, you would never change anything.

If you want a new identity, commonly when an office moves or remodels at the end of a lease, this is the time to consider a re-vamp or updating and upgrading everything. This includes the website and possibly more.

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