How Important is Your Layout For Success

Layout controls flow. Flow controls volume. Volume controls collections.

When To Cut Back Your Practice Hours

Upgrading your schedule at the right time is essential for ongoing success and personal life fun!

“Get Back to Work” or “Get Your Tail Home”

You must work ON your practice so it will be much easier when you’re working IN your practice!

Vacation Guidelines for DCs

How and when to take time off must be smartly engineered for the successful doctor!

How to End Up Young When You Retire

We do EVERYTHING with longevity and self-preservation in mind.

Should Married DC Couples Practice Together?

Practicing together can be an exciting adventure but it must be set up right!

Should Spouses Work In the Office As a CA?

Spouses, friends and family members can be great working in the office – sometime not so much.

Keeping Your Energy Up For The Long Haul

Doctors who still have great energy after 30 years in practice are amazing!


There are only 4 key areas in life? LOVE, HEALTH, CAREER and MONEY.

What Should CAs Wear While At Work?

People buy what they see. People hear with their eyes. Image is all.

Should CAs Be Taken to Seminars?

Getting the entire team away to events is makes everybody better.

Common CA Issues That Can Be Avoided

Nobody is perfect, but we must have a stand in our office for the team.

What Is the Best Way to Train a New CA?

There is no substitute for nice, caring, capable and highly trained CAs.

How Often Should the Team Have Meetings?

Keeping your team on the same page is what makes each day graceful and fun.

What Are the Office “Zones” That Must Be Covered?

Having the right person in the right place at the right time brings growth.

How Do You Pay & Bonus CAs?

Key points on how to pay a team for maximum performance and longevity.

How Do You Hire & Keep Good People?

How do you naturally attract good people as patients AND employees.

You Are 3 People Now: A Promoter, a Chiropractor and a __________

You are not just a DC, you must become a Black Belt at these three things.

Should I Go All Cash?

We recommend a DC be an expert at all 5 types of patients, not just cash.

What Deca-Millionaire DCs Do That Others Don’t

Learn what super successful people do differently, then do it yourself.

How Much Do You Have to Collect to Take Home $250k

To spend a dollar after all expenses and taxes means you must collect how much?

What Is the Best Way to Pay Taxes & Keep Them Current?

Taxes are way more then doctors realize, so we need a good system.

How & When Should a DC Get Paid

We must understand the velocity of money through the practice.

How One Member Paid Off $297,000 in Student Loans in 13 months

Paying off debt fast really is the key to wealth. No doubt about it!

Common (and Avoidable) Money and Business Mistakes

With good coaching, a doctor should make very few mistakes!

How Important is Your Name, Logo, and URL?

Good branding is worth millions, or more!

How to Get Over 100 a Week in 90 Days or Less

Growing takes effort. It doesn’t need to take much time.

Common Start Up Pitfalls

There is not time to learn on your own. The smart DC ALWAYS has a coach.

How Many People Do You Want to Help?

Why do some think that seeing fewer people is better than more people?

What Practice Model Should I Choose?

There are many practice models, some are definitely better than others.

How Much Does it Cost to Start An Office?

What is the most expensive part of starting an office?

When to Buy or Start From Scratch

I love starting from scratch, but there are times where buying is smart.

Picking a Perfect Location

A great location had many elements, some are easier to find than others.

What Weekly Hours Are the Best Long Term

The clinic, doctor, and CA schedules must overlay perfectly for a BIG practice.

How Do You Get People to Stay Forever

Retention really is the key to making practice MUCH easier.

What Care Recommendations Get the Most People to Start

Your initial recommendation either gets them start or say: “I need to think about it.”

The Invisible Force Controlling a Doctor’s Income

Invisible and inflexible laws control our income, but we can use them.

What Are the 4 Enemies of Every DC

You will grow to the degree you conquer these 4 enemies.

Does Your Philosophy & Belief in Chiropractic Really Matter?

You build to the level of what you know and what you BELIEVE.

What Are the Most Successful Practice Models to Use Today

Which of our 4 practice models is best for you

What Marketing and Promo IS Working Right Now?

ABP = Always Be Promoting!

What Internal Systems Bring More New Ones Than Anything

Internal, automatically good systems and procedures are what we want

How To Explain Chiropractic So They “Get It” Forever

Patients must be educated at many points along the Day 1 and Day 2 path!

How Do You Handle Kids & Family Members

There are fun and easy ways to get more kids and families under care.

What Should We Charge For a New Patient

Let’s open the floodgates for new ones to come in and get checked.

How Long Should a New Patient Take on Day 1

People return and refer when they experience equality and speed.

How To Use Video to Get New Ones to Love You

Videos create raging chiropractic fans and make your life MUCH easier.

What Do New Patients Want Now Compared to the Past

Do You Deliver What The Public Wants, or What You Think They Want.