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All DCs and DC students get one FREE coaching call with Tory! You can ask anything about practice, growth, marketing, systems, money, staff, anything! And...

Receive a FREE copy of "The ULTIMATE Chiro Success Guide": A 248-page, full color book filled with practice success gold. It's the most popular book in chiropractic!

Also get for FREE our Money Chiropractic and You along with the amazing success book: The Science of Getting Rich special DC edition! You get all 3 of Tory's books!

Discover how DCs here grow 50 to 250 MORE visits a week and to collect $50k to $400k MORE their first 12 months in our group.

WINNERSEDGE! Where your stress goes away and your new and MUCH more exciting, fun and profitable future begins!

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What You Need To Start or Grow Your Practice Right Now...

We have the precise plan for doctors who want to change lives and have a BIG practice.

YES, you can have The Practice Of Your Dreams!

Success Coaching

We have coaching for doctors who want to start from scratch all the way to multi-millionaire doctors who want to sell their practice and retire.

Become a WINNERSEDGE member and you’ll be amazed at what you get and how well it works.

Live & Virtual Events

We have live events as well as Zoom events. Our Workshops, Seminars, & intense DC & CA Bootcamps are the core of our “Success Delivery System.”

All events are for our MEMBERS ONLY so you can be assured only serious DCs are in the room.

Training Videos

All members get passcodes to our amazing 800+ video library with almost everything you want to know about practice success.

Includes over 100 CA Training Videos. Our videos alone are worth more than the membership fee, let alone everything else you get here.

Success Products

Our success product sets are the most complete and powerful in Chiropractic. Nothing beats the repetition possible with audio material.

Knowledge is power in this profession. These can accelerate you to the next-level. Many Doctors buy them all!

Meet Dr. Tory Robson

Chiropractor & Practice Success Consultant 

How is your chiropractic life going?

What is good?

What is bothering you?

What are your dreams in practice and dreams financially?

If you are a student or looking to start a practice, I can’t wait to hear about it!

If you own three clinics and want to sell them for $3,000,000, then retire, I can’t wait to help you!

I’ve had over 50,000 calls with doctors from all over the world and can promise you, one call with me can change your life. 

Now… There is no dusty, fluffy, or outdated anything here at WINNERSEDGE. We have what you need RIGHT NOW if you want to grow as a doctor, a person, and grow financially. 

Let’s jump on a call!

As seen speaking & contributing:

Practice Success Tips

Chiropractic Success products


Table Talk is the third in our pro communicator series. The Communication and Persuasion, Office Visit Talk, and Table Talk set will make you an unstoppable chiropractic powerhouse.

This is how to educate your patients one minute at a time during office visits, and so much more.

Your success is hanging on knowing what to say, when to say it, and HOW to say it.

Table Talk is a staple of successful offices worldwide.



You need a great team to do BIG things in practice. Learn how to be a capable employer and manager of people.

This includes CA Training on chiro history, philosophy, anatomy, and belief in your mission.

Every new CA that starts goes through these so you will use this for years to come.

This is where you learn how to be a better employer and…

How to turn average people into Rockstar CAs!



You need something you can mail and give to people that will get them to become new patients. Here it is!

The becoming legendary WINNERSEDGE New Patient Generator. The go-to new patient-getting tool for every doctor.

This is pulling hundreds of new ones every day around the country.

This method ALWAYS works for years & years.

And, it takes practice zero doctor time!

A must-have for any doctor wanting more new ones.



You’ve never seen a set like this!  Actual video with real patients. Shows work on all areas of the spine.

Expect to get better overnight!

Improve your dexterity, pressure, angles, and even what your eyes are doing when you adjust.

You’ll love ALL these techniques from a DC who has given over a million adjustments.

Technique is quite weak in most offices today, get this and get better!


Getting More New Patients

Starting, Buying, or Selling a Practice

Money & Chiropractic Business

The Balanced & SUccessful Life

Our Next Chiro Success Seminar Starts In...


Join us live for what many feel are the most relevant, impactful, and fun events in chiropractic today. 

WINNERSEDGE events are for our members only. All the information a doctor requires to join is available on this website or by talking to Tory directly.  Let’s get you in, learning, growing, prospering, and having FUN!

join us andsave more peoplewith chiropractic

Practicing alone is no fun. Get connected to superior information and the fun of the WINNERSEDGE group!


The Chiro Success Podcast

You can Trust Us To Lead you Right


Tory’s procedures have me able to SMOOTHLY see 100 patients in an afternoon. His systems are so good!  Iona, MI

Tim Grady DC


We each work 2 days a week in our practice. We added decompression exactly like Tory teaches. Our new best is $180,000 in one month a with a best week of $72,000. NEVER did we think this was possible before we joined!   Andover, MN

Drs. Karrie Norring and Kerri Lehn


I bought a practice and joined with Tory. My new best is $160k in one month for collections. Yes, just me and my CAs! We have BIG plans for the future and know Tory can get us there!  Hickory, NC

Charlie Gray DC

s_2021-06-05_10-16-03_856723 (2)

I trusted Tory to help me start my own practice after being an associate for years. I paid off all $285,000 of my student loans and just hit $83,000  a month in collections in 24 months. WINNERSEDGE has compeltely changed my life!  Chanhassen, MN

Bethany Curnow DC

IMG_9566 (2)

I joined while still at Life West after I heard Tory speak.  With his coaching I paid off all loans and grew to $106,000 per month in under 36 months.  Join us!  San Luis Obispo, CA

David Sedghi DC


I’ve been with Tory over 11 years and just had another best of $111k for the month! He changed my life! Boca Raton, FL

Darren Fano DC


Tory has completely overhauled our practicing life. Using his design and systems we opened a new office and just hit $116k in monthly collections as a married duo, and we have so much room to grow!  Centennial, CO

Drs. Darby and Ashley Campbell


I was in practice 30 years then joined with Tory. I grew to 365 visits a week and with Tory’s guidance I was able to retire early and move to sunny Florida. Thank you!  Springdale, AR

Cindy Beemer DC


I opened a new office with Tory’s help and grew to 100 visits a day in about 8 weeks then paid off all $297k of my student loans in 13 months. That’s the power of what Tory teaches.  The life I am able to have with my family now is truly amazing!  Clear Lake, WI

Chase O’Keefe DC


Tory was my first chiro back when I was at the U of Wisconsin and we are still great friends. My best is 172 visits in an afternoon. I have no debt, an incredible house overlooking Whitefish Lake, and an amazing family life!  All DCs should join!  Kalispell, MT

Kevin Wilmot DC


I’ve been around the planet with chiropractic and I can say that Tory truly is one of the best. I love attending and speaking at his events!  Oakville, ON

John Minardi DC


I joined with Tory like 11 years ago and am amazed at how fresh and fun all the events still are. I just had a new record collections and am as excited as ever in practice!  St. Paul, MN

Trish Wolff DC


I collected $200,000 more my first year with Tory. He showed me how to pay off my student loans in record time. Plus the seminars, trainings and bootcamps are awesome. I’ve been a member for going on 11 years and am still breaking records!  Ramsey, MN

Brian Schmitz DC

IMG_5726 (1)

I joined with Tory before graduation from Sherman. In under 3 years I have no student loans and am seeing 400 a week plus you should see my incredible new office. I only know the WINNERSEDGE way!  Greenville, SC

Molly Spohn DC


After joining with Tory I’ve grown to over $100k per month just like he said I could. It’s unreal! Everything in my life is better since joining WINNERSEDGE.  I was one of his first members years ago and still feel super excited about growing my practice!  Delray Beach, FL

Ryan Alter DC


My practice has quadrupled since joining WINNERSEDGE. I have so many new ones I honestly don’t know what to do! I joined with Tory back in 2011 and am still picking up steam!  Vista, CA

Kevin Dette DC


Tory and his coaching has transformed my life! I am seeing more and collecting more than ever before. Plus his money strategies have me crushing debt and on the road to wealth. I love it!  Amarillo, TX

Michael Parker DC


You can Become a Chiropractic Super Success

  • Do you want to become a super successful chiropractor?
  • It takes a little work but you can do it!
  • Great chiropractic care is the bedrock of everything we teach.
  • Our stuff is surprisingly smart and easy to implement. You will see!

If you want to start, buy, sell, practice as a couple, practice with a friend, practice with family, or create a solo practice that collects $75k to $150k per month in a 3.5 day week, then contact us.

Doctors of ACTION are favored by the goddess of good luck. Reach out today!

Tell us what you want in practice and we can show you how to get it.

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