How One Member Paid Off $297,000 in Student Loans in 13 months

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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We have so many members paying off their student loans in record time. I could talk about this all day. Every one of them should be acknowledged for this fantastic accomplishment in practice building, money handling and discipline. They never could have done this without being taught exactly how here at WINNERSEDGE. You must learn how to do this.

One member in particular had a practice seeing around 100 visits a week. He lived over 45 minutes from his hometown where his family, his church, and his life was.

After some serious coaching calls, he decided to make the big change to sell his office and move to his home town.

He was ready to start a practice in the smaller town of 1200 where he lived. I remember coaching him as this was going on. It is quite stressful and can be scary to make a change like this not knowing what the result is going to be. It’s especially hard when you are married and starting a family.

I assured him that he was going to have a ton of new patients the day he opened his doors.

I think he knew this was the case also, and I was just reinforcing what he was already expecting. Sure enough he got in there and grew immediately. He was seeing 100 visits in a day within a couple of months after opening. This blew his mind. He said: “How could I be in one area barely seeing 100 a week after years, then move just 45 minutes away and blast to 100 a day in 8 weeks?!”

He’s a family man with a wife and kids. They decided to live lean as a family so he could pay off his debt. Exactly like we teach here. We recommend doctors do not buy a house until the student loans are gone. There can be exceptions.

I believe they lived in the lower level of a parents house so they could focus all of their money on debt.

He went after it and started using the WINNERSEDGE Rapid Fire debt elimination system exactly as I teach. He was making payments like an absolute animal and paid off all $297,000 of the student loans in just over a year.

This set them up to have a beautiful home. He can now start saving his age or more. They are now going to be financially set for the rest of their lives. Not a bad position to be in when you are 32 years old. Their discipline as a couple to take care of the debt first and not buy cars, toys, or the wrong house is honorable.

This is another fine WINNERSEDGE example of: Build practice, pay debt, save money, have fun!

I invented the Rapid Fire system years ago. It has proven to be a phenomenon. (If you had to pay me $20,000 to teach it to you it would be a steal, but I will teach it to you now free of charge 🙂

  1. Make full payments on every debt you have including student loans of course.
  2. You make another automated payment every week to the smallest debt.
  3. So the smallest that has a monthly payment that is automated and another weekly payment that is automated.
  4. Then what we do: You make another payment every single day without fail. Sometimes even two payments a day toward that debt. $50 here, $20 there, $100, $500 anything you can.
  5. You get immersed in this mission of killing this debt like it is an enemy trying to steal your soul. (Because it is.) Debt = death pledge. Mortgage = mortuary.
  6. Once that debt is gone, you attack the next one.

You literally make a payment every single day. Shaving off the top of your bank account any money that you can spare. This is our PAY SOME NOW philosophy.

Popular people like Dave Ramsey and Susie Ormon mean well. But their system is tick turds compared to this.

You see, most teach a program where you are supposed to pay extra each month towards a debt. Ugh.

Problem: Nobody has any money at the end of the month. There’s no extra money to pay toward debt. It sounds good on paper but it doesn’t work with the behavioral habits of human beings, except for a very few disciplined people that become their success stories.

If you ask a single mother with two kids if she has $80 at the end of the month to buy something or pay towards debt she will say no. Try it.

But… if you ask her for two dollars every single day she’ll be able to give you two dollars and lo and behold at the end of the month she gave you $60 bucks and didn’t even realize it was gone.

This is the principle we used to pay debt. It is so smart that they should have me on Oprah tomorrow.

Our Money Flow Diagram, Money Master Plan, Debt Elimination and Investment Strategies are one thing that gives WINNERSEDGE a dimension that all doctors love.

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