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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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My Ultimate Chiro Start Up Guide book is a good start for understanding the foundation of a successful chiropractic practice. Now, when you open an office, the task becomes promotion and marketing almost exclusively.

It is very simple. If people don’t know you and know what you can do for them. they will not call you.

People don’t really care about your technique, or state of the art office, or much about you. Chiropractors starting out think people care about them and their office. Just because you care about yourself and you care about your office, you think everybody else does.

Nobody cares about you and nobody cares about your office.

They care about themselves and what you can do for them.

The more people you tell about what you can do for them, the more will come in and see you.

It’s the switch from: Me me me thinking to THEM THEM THEM thinking.

It’s a change from: I am this and I am that versus YOU are this and YOU are that.

Get your mind focused on the public around you and your responsibility to serve them.

If I want to go over 100 visit a week in 90 days, or even 30 days, or even two weeks, I’m going to have to meet hundreds of people and tell them what I do.

I’m going to have to dress properly and have hygiene that makes me look like someone who is credible.

If you wanted someone to do laser surgery on your eyeballs you are going to be looking at them VERY CAREFULLY and assessing whether or not they look like a winner, like a precise, smart, accurate, caring, skilled doctor.

So many doctors think they can have messy hair, flip-flops, messy clothes, me me me, my agenda, my desires, my wants, you should just like me cuz I want you to thinking.

I want people to like me for who I am.

Nobody cares who you are from 20 feet away. And they’ve already made their judgment on you from 20 feet away before you’ve ever opened your mouth.

See- here in the world of real success we deal in reality. We deal with how people actually think and how the world actually works. How YOU actually work.

People say: “Don’t judge.”

Fact: We all are judging every person and every little thing all the time. We have to for survival.

People judge everybody by how they look. You need to look like someone who a person with lightning bolts of pain would call.

Or a mom who has a daughter who just got hurt in gymnastics will call.

Show me a chiropractor wearing the Chiropractic uniform like we teach, with excellent hygiene and a smile, who can explain Chiropractic well, and has the power to say you should come in and see me or if anything is ever bugging you, you call me here’s my card or let’s get you in tomorrow is going to have a very successful practice.

Remember, half of your personality is your voice and the other half is your image. The chiropractors that look successful and sound happy and excited about Chiropractic via their voice are the ones who are the most successful. Personality is what builds practices, not technique.

It’s a harsh reality to face but it’s the truth. The best marketer is who wins, never the best chiropractor.

People even look like great chiropractors in the past, like BJ Palmer or even Gonstead. What you must realize is they were great promoters and great marketers. They were always thinking about what they could do for other people.

Here are the steps to break 100 visits a week in less than a month.

  1. Dress like a professional. Doctors need to be taught by us how to do this.

2. Upgrade your hygiene to look like a very smart capable doctor.

3. Have all scripts perfectly memorized.

4. All diagrams memorized.

5. Give your New Patient Generators to at least 400 local businesses.

6. Mail them to another 1000 local businesses.

7. Have a great website with a home page video and offer like we teach.

8. Use our “Add family” procedure.

9. Use our New Patient fee procedure.

10. Can start Google, Facebook, IG and Tik Tok ad with offer.

11. Physically walk up to and shake hands with 1500 to 3000 people however you can do it.

12. And have all our other systems and procedures in place from initial plans to re-sign to wellness to money flow to team meetings etc.

A McDonalds opens perfectly and complete. Think about it. You want to do the same.

You must declare insanity and look at every single human being as a potential patient. At the grocery store, the bank, everywhere you go you’re smiling at somebody and giving them your card.

I recommend you order 2000 business cards and you put them in a huge stack on your desk like a skyscraper. Your job is to literally hand them to people. To make them go away.

This is everything we teach in our Practice Promotion Mastery and New Patient Generator product sets that everybody gets.

You will be as successful as you give out business cards to people you don’t know.

Get people to love you. They will refer more people and you will naturally grow to the level of your layout, team, and treatment time.

It is so exciting!

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