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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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At WINNERSEDGE we have four recommended, time tested, proven beyond any doubt, just “be smart and do it” practice models. Every office has its potential. The more services you offer in a timely and efficient manner, the more you will produce in the same hours per week.

Compare a 250 visit a week doctor with a pure chiro office collecting $38 per visit working 32 hours a week to a doctor collecting $66 per visit during the same 32 hour week and at the same volume.

One collects $40,000 per month and the other collects $70,000. Multiply this by ten years and one doctor has collected $4,800,000 and the other has collected $7,000,000.  Take your pick. I can show you how to do both.  The second doctor gets to retire 10 years before the other one. And they worked the exact same hours year after year.

Every doctor must determine what their goals are. Some have philosophical limitations meaning they only want to do pure chiro, and that is fine. But it can also be expensive.

Our philosophical stance here at WINNERSEDGE is this: We like what works directly with and moves the spine. Intersegmental traction and spinal decompression are our recommended equipment. There are other therapies some clients employ but they must be engineered very carefully to work. It must be said that our chiropractic is ALWAYS the centerpiece and focus and what gets the results. Any therapy only aids the chiropractic.

The LEVEL I office is pure chiro. These are the easiest to design.

The LEVEL II office is our time tested IST and chiro office. 3 TR1000 IST tables feeding hot seats which feed the DC in the 3-room corridor. If there is not room for 3 we have to resort to the 2 room corridor.

The LEVEL III WINNERSEDGE office has 3 or more decompression tables, per our specs, that feed hot seats that feed the doctor.

The LEVEL IV office is the mothership office for doctors who want to collect over $100,000 every month. 3 or more decompression tables feed 3 TR1000 ISTs which feed the hot seats,  and feeds the DC in the 3-room corridor.

I always ask doctors, how many spots for patients and chairs do you have in your office? How many people can comfortably and easily fit in your office? One in the exam room, one on each adjusting table, one on each therapy, and one in each chair. How many is that for you?

One doctor may say 13 and another may say 40.  The most I have seen is 80 hot seats in front of two adjusting rooms. My goal is to make you and your office run perfectly with the space, philosophy and desires you have!

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