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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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I can coach any chiropractor to become more successful.

We have had doctors renting a storage room in the back of a dental office do well.

However, we do primarily teach four different practice models.

We recommend these for so many reasons it would take hundreds of pages to explain.

Suffice to say that these four models are the proven winners for the chiropractor who wants to enjoy their life and have a highly fun and profitable practice. One that doesn’t destroy them over the many years at the table.

The first model of course is the pure Chiropractic model. We call this a Level 1 office.

One doctor and one CA can normally see 100 visits a day in a pure Chiropractic model with the proper floor plan. It is the most efficient office there is.

At the same time it is the most limited in services and what you can collect per visit.

So volume is a requirement here if you want to have any sort of respectable income. A pure chiropractor office that sees 80 visits a week is going to struggle.

I have also seen offices seeing 700 visits a week but collecting $18 a visit. It totally destroys the chiropractors soul. They are working so hard for so little. It erodes their self-esteem and self image without them even realizing it.

Commonly these doctors make the next error and compound their mistake by hiring an associate. This is a high overhead, stress skyrocketing, and mathematically calculated mistake.

Done in an effort to try to fix their low collection per visit problem, it is the wrong solution for the wrong problem. These people need coaching immediately. Some of them have called me to save them. Some of them were too arrogant to listen and they suffer to this day.

It may sound harsh, but there are some DCs who do literally everything wrong. Every decision they make needs to be fixed. Some end up in prison because of it.

Your goal is to do everything right.

The only way for you to do everything right is to have expert advice before you make decisions.

The only way to do this is for you to realize you can benefit from help.

The Level 2 office is the intersegmental table combination chiro office. This uses the TR 1000 intersegmental traction table, that then feeds hot seats, which then feed the chiropractor in their two or three room corridor.

This has been successful for years. Of course the model a chiropractor chooses depends on how many square feet you have so we want to make sure you have the correct amount of square footage before you sign a lease. 

The Level 3 model is our decompression table and chiropractic model.

If we have limited space we’re going to get decompression tables instead of intersegmental tables. The decompression table is more powerful for more conditions and has an appropriate fee. Therefore it increases your collection per visit.

If we have room for everything we recommend our Level 4 model. Here the decompression tables feed the intersegmental tables which feeds the chiropractor in the two or three room corridor.

We call this our 333 model.

Three decompression tables per my details and programming feed three TR 1000 intersegmental tables which feed a bunch 10 to 40 hot seats which feed the doctor in the three room corridor which then feeds the front desk.

There is an exact science to this.

The Level 4 WINNERSEDGE chiropractic office is a phenomenon in chiropractic today. It has never been seen before at the level that we are doing it. It is the smoothest and highest percentage way to get the highest amount of service and collect over $1 million per year as a chiropractor in practically any city in the United States.

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