When To Cut Back Your Practice Hours

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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Winning comes from understanding how space and time work together. Space meaning the office layout and time meaning all the schedules in the office.

The doctor’s hours must overlay the CA hours which must overlay the clinic hours.  Doctors with janky hours coupled with CAs who have odd hours plus goofy clinic hours spells problems.

This is a common issue in chiropractic offices. The hours I see doctors have are crazy, and they wonder why they never grow.

You have a choice to be there for early mornings, around lunch and later afternoon, but you cannot do all three. If you do, you will burn out for sure and your staff turnover will be out of control. So we make the smart choice and choose to be there at noon and late afternoon. Early morning people can come in later. You will build what you set to build.

Yes, many like to be there early, so what. There are just as many who want to be there at other times.

You must think longevity. Practice life is a marathon. No, it is an ultramarathon, so your weekly hours are critical to long term success.

Many doctors have the wrong hours then try to fix their burnout by adding an associate. This is like trying to fix a bad marriage by having twins.

8 shifts per week and one time on Saturday morning is how we start. Every day is exactly the same. There is never a day where you start earlier or stay later. This is almost never needed. There are very rare exceptions to this.

Also, we never do any hours a week on location anywhere ,like at a business. This is always a loser for may reasons relating, once again, to space and time.

Once you are over 100 visits week and using our money flow, tax, and payroll system fully, then we drop Saturday. The official WINNERSEDGE hours system is in our booklet called, Pro Chiro Essentials that all new members get.  Our hours system has pretty much proven itself to be superior.

200 visits a week with the money flow system fully in place, then you can drop Friday afternoon forever.

My favorite story was a newer doctor seeing 80 visits a week, not collecting enough to even make a full student loan payment yet, asking me if he can drop all day Friday and just work 4 days a week to have more ”balance” at home. 

This doctor actually needs less time at home and more time in the office.  A military person who spends 6 months risking their life overseas per year, that is a different story. A chiropractor who can send their kids to school every morning, go home for lunch every day, have dinner at home every night, and have all weekends free, how much more “balance” do they need?

This doctor needs to work a LOT harder to make more money. That is what the household needs. 

In chiropractic, for decades the schedule was 7am to 7pm or 8am to 8pm and 8am to 2pm every Saturday for 30-40 years.

Look at Gonstead’s schedule. 7 am to lunch then eat, take a nap, change his shoes. Then work until dinner then eat, take a nap, change his shoes. Then go to 2am then eat, take a nap, and change his shoes. He practiced 55 years!  That is why we are talking about him now.

DCs today have no comprehension how good chiropractors like Gonstead actually were. I mean they were like an Olympic gold medal gymnast compared to a kid walking on a painted line in a parking lot. Entitlement, laziness, arrogance, schools teaching weak technique, no philosophy, and too many distractions.

DCs today are NOTHING like they used to be. Look at the giants who built this profession, and we think we are advanced? Hardly. Chiropractic is one profession where things are eroding over time, not improving. BUT, here lies the opportunity to be great. In fact, it is easier right now to be more successful in practice than EVER before. If you know how to work. This is one of many reason why the WINNERSEDGE DC is so successful – they literally has an unfair advantage over all other doctors in their area.

We must become better at everything within a good schedule that we can enjoy for years. At 250 to 300+ a week with all money flow in order, then Friday morning is dropped.

Once this is maintained for months, then Tuesday morning is opened up to be for the Team Meeting, WINNERSEDGE Zoom calls, paperwork and keeping the place running perfect.

So you have a huge Monday. Tues am off. A big Tue afternoon. Wed and Thurs are the pillar days, then Friday morning in a pair of jeans to make sure all is perfect before you leave for the weekend. Each week is completed fully and perfectly before you walk out the door. So when you walk in on Monday you are ready to go!

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