Keeping Your Energy Up For The Long Haul

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

Chiropractic Practice Success Consultant

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We are in an energy game.

We are also in an energy battle.

Lots of people and sources are trying to fight for your time, energy, and your attention.

This can be difficult because we only have so much energy to give.

Where does “energy” come from?

Why do some people seem excited to be alive? Why do others seem slow and down? Why is this? Can we control this?

Do we need something “good” to happen so we can be happy? Or are we just supposed to be happy as a normal state of mind?

The Yo-Yo syndrome is when a person is up when something good happens and an hour later they are down because something bad happened. Other more successful people are always cool and steady regardless of outside happenings.

It is truly amazing when you see a chiropractor over 30 years in practice still excited and energized to go to work every day. It’s also amazing to see them excited about life and health and their future.

In the incredible book POWER vs FORCE by David Hawkins, he reveals an energy scale from 0 to 1000.

Every level of vibration indicates where the person is at that point in their life. At the lower levels you see shame, doubt, disappointment and fear. At the higher levels we see peace, love and satisfaction.

On the POWER vs FORCE scale it is taught that we need to be above a level 200 with our energy in order to have a happy life that attracts more people to us.

The media and all the other sources out there are trying to keep us in fear, full of doubt and disappointment.

We must have control over our own mind and keep ourselves happy, upbeat, thankful and forgiving.

You must control your own mind! There is a battle for your mind.

We must be forgiving for anybody or anything in the past, and we must be thankful for where we’re at so we can continue to grow into the future.

Thank you and forgiving are the key words.

In fact one of our favorite affirmations is: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I forgive you, I thank you, I love you.

This helps keeps our mind in the right place by being forgiving and being thankful! 

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