You Are 3 People Now: A Promoter, a Chiropractor and a __________

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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It is a popular question to ask new graduates. What business are you in?

Of course they all say they’re in the Chiropractic business.


Little do you know you’re actually in the marketing business.

That is what a chiropractor is FIRST.

A chiropractor is a promoter and a marketer of chiropractic services of their office and of themselves.

Only if you are good at this do you get people to come in where you can put on your second hat and be a chiropractor and manager of a chiropractic clinic.

Then if you’re good at this you will generate income and turn into a business person.

So a chiropractor is three people in one:

1. A marketer

2. A chiropractor

3. A business person.

The real pro becomes an expert at all three. I love all three of these challenges. I was determined to become an expert at everything that happens within the four walls of a chiropractic office.

Be great at chiropractic business and handling money. This includes everything from accounts payable to accounts receivable, debt elimination, saving, accumulating, paying staff and everything else that deals with money coming in and money going out.

I was in coaching groups for over 15 years and not once did any person ever talk about how to pay debt, save money, or anything that really mattered for my future.

Unreal, isn’t it? You could join coaching groups and go to all these seminars and not once will you hear anything useful about the single biggest stressor in your life.

We’ve changed all that here at WINNERSEDGE. We have around 200 videos that relate to business and money for the chiropractor. Our business and money system for your chiropractic office is so good that it practically guarantees every one of our members will become a multi-millionaire if they follow what we’re teaching even remotely closely.

Summary: You must be really good at promoting yourself and your office. You must be really good at being a chiropractor and running the practice. You must be really good at all things business and money.

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