Meet The Team

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson hails from Great Falls, Montana.

Tory graduated from Montana State while simultaneously serving a 6-year term in the US Air Force.  While in college he was introduced to his first chiropractic adjustments by a friend’s dad.  He instantly knew this was his future!  This inspiration, his education in Architecture, Business, and the Laws of Success, plus his Air Force training have been proven unstoppable in practice and in his consulting.

Graduating in ’95 from Northwestern in Minneapolis, Dr. Robson designed and started his first practice from scratch in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.  He opened less than 60 days after graduation and was successful right away. 

Outgrowing this space he sold it to a classmate, moved into Madison and built a new and improved clinic. Only a few years out of school he was able to pay cash for this entire office including the brand new x-ray machine.  He drove this office to 150 visits a day and become known as one of the most successful chiropractors in the region.

Katy Hilton

Katy grew up and graduated from high school in Mitchell, South Dakota. 

On a track scholarship, she attended Northern State University in Aberdeen SD where she successfully competed for four years. She graduated with her BA degree when she then moved to the great city of Minneapolis. Working in the corporate world she was hired by Dr. Robson to run his multi-doctor chiropractic office. 

Due to her exceptional organization and attention to detail, she transitioned from super CA to the director at WINNERSEDGE.

Katy is the direct point of contact for all the admin, event management and planning requirements to ensure all things WINNERSEDGE operate perfectly.

She stays active with Half Marathons, Hyrox competitions, and Calisthenics workouts. In her free time she is an avid dog lover, especially Dobermans. She enjoys volunteering with the local Doberman Rescue and works hard so she can continue to give more, which is her passion in life – helping those in need. 

When you join, rest assured you have a caring and capable person who will do everything possible to help you reach your goals and beyond. There is no non-DC more dedicated to the success of you and your practice!


Our Mission

Politically stated: To help as many chiropractors as possible toward personal and professional success with our products and consulting services.

More clearly: We are here to help those doctors who want to be the most successful, respected, referral generating, famous for results, richest, most generous chiropractors who ever lived in their area.

Stated another way: We are in the FREEDOM business. Showing you how to help more people – so you can increase your income – so you can pay off all debt, save and stay healthy – so you can become FREE to have the happy, exciting, full and generous life you were meant to have!

Mathematically: We will teach you how to THINK, SAY and DO everything better in your life so you can see 50 to 250+ visits a week more and collect $50,000 to $400,000+ more every year for the rest of your practicing life. 

We have the million+ dollar per year practice down to a science and want to teach you how to have one.

Our History

April 10, 2008
Early Days
Winners Edge Consulting is founded. Dr. Robson is still practicing full time out of his 4th office in Woodbury, MN. A local chiro was looking to own a practice and asked if he could buy Dr. Robson's practice. No small task as it was the most valuable single DC office sold in MN according to our sources. Robson then moved the the west side of Minneapolis. The perfect location for all the consulting that was now underway. His first book The Image Doctor is published.
April 10, 2008
January 1, 2011
Robson builds his 5th office called PRO SPINE Health and Injury Center. Is collecting $70k within a few months working part-time as the consulting members start flowing in to learn how how to collect $120k+ per mo. working 3.5 days a week. The website videos reach over 200 and the Mach1 program is invented as well as the incredible WINNERSEDGE DC BOOTCAMPS.
January 1, 2011
February 15, 2015
Robson designs and builds his 6th office in an 11,200 sq. ft. fitness and martial arts training center. Demand for his consulting is out of control to the point where he has no choice but to retire from active practice. His second and third books are released to amazing response with over 8000 going out in the first 24 months. Seminars now fill large ballrooms. Countless DCs are breaking practice records and doing things they never thought possible for themselves. Now 600 videos for this clients are in the success library. He gets labeled the "stealth consultant."
February 15, 2015
October 1, 2021 to current
New Era
Needing more room he built his 7th office specifically for consulting both live and on Zoom. All past offices are incredibly successful to this day. The 4th book and 40th audio set are released as are 4 more booklets breaking down updated details of the WINNERSEDGE practice system. The 24th BOOTCAMP is completed. There are so many super successes in the group you can't count them all. Complete validation that everything he teaches works beyond any question. Updated website and events are created to help even more DCs become even more successful over the next decade.
October 1, 2021 to current

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to Tory before I join?

You bet! Just call and we will get him on the line with you.

Is there a guarantee?

If you promise to do what we recommend we promise you will grow beyond what you currently think is possible.

What qualifies Tory to do this?

Read his books, booklets, listen to the podcast, all 40 audio sets, watch a few hundred of his videos, talk to a hundred or so members and then tell us. 😊

How do you think I should choose a coach?

Pick the coach DC who has the best books, audio sets and most videos for you. Pick who you can get on the phone with the fastest. Pick who has the greatest variety of live and Zoom events. Pick who has a physical training-based immersion event like our DC Bootcamp. Pick who has an office specifically designed for coaching DCs. You will quickly see we have no competition. 

How long are your coaching calls?

Those with scheduled coaching calls are set for 15 minutes. If you need more, we just set another time or even a direct ZOOM with Tory. Despite his schedule, he can be reached practically any day by his clients.

Can I call whenever I want?

Full members can email or call anytime. Our global online members have no direct access. Most members have a set call every 90 days, monthly or weekly depending on what coaching intensity you choose to pay for.

Who is your competition?

Compare our books, booklets, audio sets, 900 videos, seminars, workshops, bootcamps, business teaching, money teaching, client success, not to mention Tory’s superior teaching ability and concern for you, and you’ll see we have no competition.

Do you teach chiropractic business skills?

We are considered the chiropractic business powerhouse. Tory’s degree is in business. This is the backbone of your success. A DC is three people in one: A promoter and marketer of chiropractic, a practicing DC, and a business person. We take all three of these incredibly seriously. Business, payroll, debt, expenses, overhead, saving, taxes. You MUST get good at this and we teach you exactly how.

Do I need to buy all the product sets?

The doctors who do are more successful than the ones who don’t.

Do you coach married couple offices?

Yes we have now 22 married DC couple practices in the group. One couple just collected $129k in a month.

Why would I join WINNERSEDGE?

You will be part of group that is fully dedicated to you, your success, and the overall bettering of your love, health, career and money! Dr. Robson is considered an expert in producing high-powered, multi-millionaire Chiropractors. He will teach you all of his systems whether you’re looking to increase volume and collections, open a new practice, pay off debts, save more money and so much more. Your practice and life will be happier here. We do it all!

What makes you different or better than other groups?

Tory has invented many new and better ways of doing everything. From the Day 1 to our Insta-Report, getting people to stay via our Re-Sign System, to all our business and money flow systems including our Rapid Fire and Money Vortex, he has it all. You are getting superior material that brings superior results for all who use it. And yes, we have 900 instant videos you need right now, 40 incredible audio and video sets, our ZOOM calls, private coaching, resources, CA training, money training, attitude, scripts. Not to mention our training facility, DC and CA BOOTCAMPS, credibility, consistency, and our results year after year with no slowing down. If you can get Tory to coach you, you should do it.

Do you coach both insurance and cash practices?

We coach everything from super successful heavy PI practices to high volume cash-based offices and everything in between.

Do you push a system I have to use?

There is a better way to think, say, and do practically everything. WINNERSEDGE has a proven system on everything from Day 1, to Team Meetings, to how you dress. You can choose the systems you want to incorporate. The more WINNERSEDGY you are the more successful you will be. 

How current are your procedures?

Our layouts, consult, exam, report, office visit, care plans, wellness plans, practice models, re-exam, re-sign, money flow, team hiring and training, marketing, motivation and attitude are all current to the minute. 

Do you teach technique?

Technique is critical for a great practice and great results. Technique is a topic at practically everything we do. We have experts on everything from Gonstead to Torque Release to Atlas Orthogonal to Diversified to Thompson, etc.

What are your practice models?

We can coach practically any practice model but the mathematically proven best ones for doctors who want low overhead, low stress, high production, and high fun are our Level 1, 2, 3 , 4 and 5 practice models. Join and find out!

Will you want me to buy or do other things?

We promote pure chiropractic offices and like IST roller tables and decompression tables as potential therapies. Our practice models are proven winners and.. we have never seen any that are better when all relevant information is considered.

Do you teach marketing and how to get new patients?

Of course. Getting patients, starting patients, keeping patients, and what to do with the money is ALL we do.

Do you teach how to pay off student loans?

Yes, you will learn Tory’s Rapid Fire Debt Elimination and entire money flow system. The new record in the group is $297,000 in loans paid off in 13 months. Our system is unequaled.

Do you coach multi-DC offices?

The limitations of a multi-DC office are so complex that you 100% MUST have a consultant to have any chance of success with this model. Join immediately if this is you.

Do you coach multi-location DCs?

Of course. One DC in a one room office or 7 locations and 14 doctors, the principles are exactly the same.

I want to own multiple offices and just be a CEO?

Anything you choose to do in chiropractic will be better off with Tory on your success team. The more complex your goal, the more you need him. The multiple office/CEO concept is more of an “illusion of grandeur” and is not required to become very wealthy and have tons of free time and an incredible life. But if a DC wants to go after this, you will want Tory around for sure.

What if I want to practice solo with no staff?

We have this and the one-room, ultra-low overhead, simple practice model down to a science. Many DCs will be choosing the model in the future. It is not for everybody but for certain DCs this is great. Join for sure!

What if I am buying a practice?

Never buy an office without having Tory as your coach.

What is I am selling a practice?

Join now if you want this to go MUCH better for all parties.

My area is different?

Great, let’s get on a call and talk about it. The more “different” your area is the better our stuff will probably work. 

Do I have to have an x-ray machine?

Nope. Many members have no X-ray. X-ray is nice but not required to be successful in practice.

Are most of your events in Minneapolis?

This is the perfect location in the country for everyone to get to. Plus, the airport, our event hotels, and the WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Training Center are all on the same road. Our events could not be more convenient! Our secondary location is Fort Lauderdale, FL where Tory has a second home. Nobody ever complains about having events in sunny Florida!

When should students join?

A year before graduation. It takes a lot more time and work than students realize to start a proper practice. There are very few successful new graduates. We want all new grads operating within 90 days, then over 100 visits per week within 90 days, then grow from there using all our systems.

Will Tory come visit my office?

Tory does a few full-day office visits and trainings each year for doctors willing to pay for this exclusive event. It is a life and practice changing phenomenon for sure. But, if he is ever in your area he will for sure stop in and say hello!

What do you have for CA training?

We have everything! Over 100 videos and Tory’s newly updated CA Training Master Checklist. CAs can attend Workshops and Seminars.  CA only ZOOM calls, CA coaching directly with us and other high-powered CAs. The CA only Facebook group for our member CAs, and of course our CA Bootcamp every summer.

Are all the events included in the fee?

The Seminars are. Our Workshops and Bootcamps are separate trainings that DCs and CAs can choose to attend if they want additional training. This allows us to keep the coaching fee lower.

Can I bring my staff to events?

Yes, except for the DC Bootcamp and certain Workshops. There is a time for just DCs to train and times for the entire team to train.

Can I bring a spouse, kids or dogs to events?

Spouses love seminars, sorry no kids or dogs are allowed at any events.

Do you coach associates?

We coach any DC or “DC to be” on how to be super successful. You pay = We teach = You grow. We do encourage most associates to eventually have their own practice.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

Actually, you are getting Dr. Robson to sign a contract with you. One that assures he will be dedicated to YOU and your success.  No agreement = No commitment by anyone = No significant success for you.  When you join WINNERSEDGE you get ALL our success materials the day you join, so it only makes sense to have a reasonable agreement. This is how we weed out those less committed to winning. All of the many super successful doctors here did this – so you can be totally confident in our process!

What all do I get with a WINNERSEDGE membership?

There’s too much to list. The big things are lower stress and skyrocketing confidence that your entire future is going to change for the better. You now know what you’re doing will work because it has been proven so many times. You get all 800 videos, 7 training booklets, key books, all past DC and CA Zoom trainings, booklets and synopsis video for past seminars. There is no waiting here.  

Do I pay monthly for my membership?

Sure. Some pay for a year at a time. We can even break it down weekly if you prefer.

Do I get to communicate with other members also?

Yes, we have a member only Facebook group that is very powerful. Instant access to all the information of the group. Imagine how powerful this is when you need anything. There really is no excuse for not being super successful here.

What other resources do you have for members?

We have all of Tory’s personal connections for everything from financing, X-ray machines, graphic design, where to get the best spine models, posters, deals on equipment, accounting, Facebook ads, and 100 other things.  All our resources are listed in the members only area of our website.

What happens after I join?

You will immediately get access to the Member Area on the website and you will begin to work on the Onboarding section! You’ll want to get your Strategy Call set up with Dr. Tory and you will be on your way to the next level.

Will you be around a while?

Yes! We are not like many groups in the past who are now defunct. We’ve been around since 2008 and just made our 10-year plan to become even better! But Tory cannot do this forever, so get in now while he is still on fire for your success.

Is there a hidden agenda here?

Yes there is. For you to become a happy, healthy, generous, respected, debt-free cash multimillionaire DC who loves their life.

I’m struggling and not sure if I can afford this?

Then you need us more than ever and must find a way to get started and do exactly what we teach as quickly as you can. We will get through this!

I’m already doing well, what can you do for me?

We can do more for you than others because you have a better base to start from. The more successful a DC becomes the MORE they need someone like Tory to talk to. The mental error/trap is: “Once you are doing well you don’t need coaching.” No Olympian ever said that.

Are there different levels with the group?

Yes! There are three groups you can grow into as you and your practice grow. This keeps everything new, fresh and exciting. You are always around those like you or better.

When do I get to quit?

You can quit once you are a debt-free cash multi-millionaire. Until then there is a LOT of work to do! Most plan on being here until they retire, since they have seen the most successful doctors by far in the group follow our plan and retire early.

What other resources do you have for us?

Contacts for: Websites, social media marketing, malpractice, graphic design, legal matters, printing, equipment, billing, coding, fees, fitness, philosophy, certainty, loans, supplies, CE credits, handouts, brochures, insurance, investment advice, X-ray, etc. You have access to all the resources of everyone in the group. It’s incredible!

Can you help with my retirement strategy?

Yes, your future money situation is a major priority here. We have the giving, payroll, tax, debt, and saving system as well as recommended investment strategies that have been proven for years to allow DCs to retire early with wealth. Most chiropractors end up with no real money. Join right now if you want a real chance at becoming wealthy.

Are there others like you?

No. There will always be underqualified doctors wanting to call themselves a “consultant” and try to copy our stuff. Accept no imitations. Get the original and best motivation, information, strategies and training from the source itself, WINNERSEDGE!

You can Trust Us To Lead you Right


Tory’s procedures have me able to SMOOTHLY see 100 patients in an afternoon. His systems are so good!  Iona, MI

Tim Grady DC


We each work 2 days a week in our practice. We added decompression exactly like Tory teaches. Our new best is $180,000 in one month a with a best week of $72,000. NEVER did we think this was possible before we joined!   Andover, MN

Drs. Karrie Norring and Kerri Lehn


I bought a practice and joined with Tory. My new best is $160k in one month for collections. Yes, just me and my CAs! We have BIG plans for the future and know Tory can get us there!  Hickory, NC

Charlie Gray DC

s_2021-06-05_10-16-03_856723 (2)

I trusted Tory to help me start my own practice after being an associate for years. I paid off all $285,000 of my student loans and just hit $83,000  a month in collections in 24 months. WINNERSEDGE has compeltely changed my life!  Chanhassen, MN

Bethany Curnow DC

IMG_9566 (2)

I joined while still at Life West after I heard Tory speak.  With his coaching I paid off all loans and grew to $106,000 per month in under 36 months.  Join us!  San Luis Obispo, CA

David Sedghi DC


I’ve been with Tory over 11 years and just had another best of $111k for the month! He changed my life! Boca Raton, FL

Darren Fano DC


Tory has completely overhauled our practicing life. Using his design and systems we opened a new office and just hit $116k in monthly collections as a married duo, and we have so much room to grow!  Centennial, CO

Drs. Darby and Ashley Campbell


I was in practice 30 years then joined with Tory. I grew to 365 visits a week and with Tory’s guidance I was able to retire early and move to sunny Florida. Thank you!  Springdale, AR

Cindy Beemer DC


I opened a new office with Tory’s help and grew to 100 visits a day in about 8 weeks then paid off all $297k of my student loans in 13 months. That’s the power of what Tory teaches.  The life I am able to have with my family now is truly amazing!  Clear Lake, WI

Chase O’Keefe DC


Tory was my first chiro back when I was at the U of Wisconsin and we are still great friends. My best is 172 visits in an afternoon. I have no debt, an incredible house overlooking Whitefish Lake, and an amazing family life!  All DCs should join!  Kalispell, MT

Kevin Wilmot DC


I’ve been around the planet with chiropractic and I can say that Tory truly is one of the best. I love attending and speaking at his events!  Oakville, ON

John Minardi DC


I joined with Tory like 11 years ago and am amazed at how fresh and fun all the events still are. I just had a new record collections and am as excited as ever in practice!  St. Paul, MN

Trish Wolff DC


I collected $200,000 more my first year with Tory. He showed me how to pay off my student loans in record time. Plus the seminars, trainings and bootcamps are awesome. I’ve been a member for going on 11 years and am still breaking records!  Ramsey, MN

Brian Schmitz DC

IMG_5726 (1)

I joined with Tory before graduation from Sherman. In under 3 years I have no student loans and am seeing 400 a week plus you should see my incredible new office. I only know the WINNERSEDGE way!  Greenville, SC

Molly Spohn DC


After joining with Tory I’ve grown to over $100k per month just like he said I could. It’s unreal! Everything in my life is better since joining WINNERSEDGE.  I was one of his first members years ago and still feel super excited about growing my practice!  Delray Beach, FL

Ryan Alter DC


My practice has quadrupled since joining WINNERSEDGE. I have so many new ones I honestly don’t know what to do! I joined with Tory back in 2011 and am still picking up steam!  Vista, CA

Kevin Dette DC


Tory and his coaching has transformed my life! I am seeing more and collecting more than ever before. Plus his money strategies have me crushing debt and on the road to wealth. I love it!  Amarillo, TX

Michael Parker DC


Key Facts

Coach's Name: Tory Robson DC
Alma Mater: Montana State University. BS in Business.
Military Experience: US Air Force, 120th Fighter Interceptor Group, 6 Years.
Chiro School: Northwestern College of Chiropractic. Fall of ’95.
Number of Offices Built: 7 Personally. 100s of designs or re-designs and builds for other doctors.
Real Estate Experience: Commercial property and residential property owner/landlord.
Qualifications: Approaching 30 years dedicated practice domination, 6 books, 8 Booklets, 40 audio sets, 900 videos, 100+ events taught, 50,000+ coaching calls with DCs all over the world. Designed and grew 100's of client offices over the last 14 years. Contributing author, podcasts, webinars, CE credit speaker, philanthropy. (Read books and see CV for more information.)
Hobbies: Working out, training Jiu Jitsu, reading, writing, practicing guitar, investing, playing with Dobermans, powerboating in Florida, cooking, chilling, sharing.
Group Name: WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Consulting or just "WINNERSEDGE."
Primary Location: Chanhassen, MN a suburb of Minneapolis
Secondary Location: Sunny Isles Beach, FL between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami
Contact: winnersedgeconsulting@gmail.com
When Started: April 10, 2008
Number of Clients: Floats around 200 offices with 230+ doctors. 300-400 CAs.
Client capacity: 220 to 250 offices then assistant coaches will be required.
Employees: 1 in-office full time plus many experts on hand for anything else we or clients require. We are the best example you might ever see of the efficiency principles we teach and are likely the most productive two person team in the profession today.
Reason for being here: Help DCs grow and win in practice and in life. Our systems, procedures, marketing, mindset, money handling, and fun must be shared with other doctors. And, you must experience it to understand. You have to learn what we are talking about and SEE the results. Talking here does no justice to the reality of what we are trying to get across to you. Every doctor who ever had any coaching before us reports their mind was blown at how good everything is at WINNERSEDGE.
Beliefs: Nerve power runs all. Chiropractic 1st.
Religion: 1 Cor 15 and Eph 2: 8-9. God is real and he has rules. Eternity matters.
Hidden Agenda: None other than to make you as successful as possible, as fast as possible. Help you stay healthy, happy, and get you to retirement with body, bank account, and relationships intact.
Biggest Problem with DCs Today: Doctors too lazy and weak to pay the price required to be successful. Sadly the school system, social media and chiro schools tend to breed this. We are here for the few that truly want to win and have an exceptional life.
Money Philosophy: Auto-give first, auto-save, pay debt, pay expenses, pay tax, have fun! Using the WINNERSEDGE money flow systems of course.
Chiropractic Climate: We have more doctors having record years than ever. Chiropractic is on fire right now, but only if you have a simple and efficient office that offers what people really want.
Biggest Frustration with Members: We make DCs so successful that some start to think they are "awesome" when they are actually just getting started towards real success. Every DC should know their place. Accurate thinking and humility are what bring massive success over many years.
Practice Models: Level 1: Pure chiro
Level 2: Chiro + IST (TR1000)
Level 3: Chiro + Decomp
Level 4: Chiro + IST (TR1000) + Decomp
Level 5: -- CLASSIFIED - The $150k per mo. office 🙂 Level 6: -- CLASSIFIED - The $200k per mo. office 🙂
Technique Preference: All techniques are in the group. We do not push any technique. We push being the best at your technique. You are the artist; we teach you how to have a fun, super successful art shop.
Member Bests: Visits in one afternoon:172 1DC
Visits in a day: 203 1DC
Collection month: $173k 1DC
Collection month: $180k 2DCs splitting a 1DC schedule
Collection month: $340k 2DCs
100+ visits a day in 8 weeks from scratch 1DC.
$297,000 in student loans paid off in 13 months.
Now many millionaires and multi millionaires in the group.
Typical Time to See Results: Immediately even with modest implementation.
Typical Results: Grow 50 to 250 visits a week and collect $50,000 to $400,000 more your first 12 months is common and expected.
Recommended Action: Join, then plan to learn, grow, and have fun for at least 24 months. Most smartly plan to stay in until they retire.
Recent Successes: Way too many to list. Successful start-ups, saved practices, records broken, millions in debt paid, millions in increased collections. In the last year, 3 of our members retired healthy, happy multi-millionaires, the oldest is 53.
Commitment Upon Joining: 24 months. You can quit early with a reasonable fee, but this rarely happens. You have zero risk and can only win here. Remember: No contract = No commitment by anyone = No significant results for you.
Types of Events: Seminars, Zoominars, Zoom Calls, DC Bootcamps, CA Bootcamps, Special Workshops, Talks, Podcasts, Webinars to other groups as time permits.
Coaching Mode: Email, phone calls, private Zooms, group Zooms, live events.
Coaching Style: Honest, direct, aggressive. There is no sugar coating here. Truth, math, facts and love build people and practices.
Availability: 7 days a week for clients.
Cost: We could charge 10% of a doctors collections for what we do, but instead we keep it simple. Our Start-Up program and doctor memberships are honest, low cost, and HIGH return. Which is why everyone loves us so much!
Favorite sayings: BE FIRST.
He who hesitates is lost.
How you do anything is how you do everything.
Fortune favors the bold.
In the end, God always gets even.

You can Become a Chiropractic Super Success

  • Do you want to become a super successful chiropractor?
  • It takes a little work but you can do it!
  • Great chiropractic care is the bedrock of everything we teach.
  • Our stuff is surprisingly smart and easy to implement. You will see!

If you want to start, buy, sell, practice as a couple, practice with a friend, practice with family, or create a solo practice that collects $75k to $150k per month in a 3.5 day week, then contact us.

Doctors of ACTION are favored by the goddess of good luck. Reach out today!