Table Talk is the third in our pro communicator series. The Communication and Persuasion, Office Visit Talk, and Table Talk set will make you an unstoppable chiropractic powerhouse.

This is how to educate your patients one minute at a time during office visits, and so much more.

Your success is hanging on knowing what to say, when to say it, and HOW to say it.

Table Talk is a staple of successful offices worldwide.


You need a great team to do BIG things in practice. Learn how to be a capable employer and manager of people.

This includes CA Training on chiro history, philosophy, anatomy, and belief in your mission.

Every new CA that starts goes through these so you will use this for years to come.

This is where you learn how to be a better employer and…

How to turn average people into Rockstar CAs!


Knowing what to say and when to say it is THE KEY to your success.

Learn how to smartly answer any question that people ask you.

You must learn how to “handle questions” if you want to grow.

Gain confidence and build power as you get everyone to trust and follow you.

Ultra popular, this is must have for all DCs!


If you want to get and see more PI then you have to buy this!

Tory averaged 100+ personal injury visits a week and can teach you exactly how..

Understanding the personal injury world is essential if you want to become a big player.

Standard issue training for all DCs wanting to get better with PI.

You need something you can mail and give to people that will get them to become new patients. Here it is!

The becoming legendary WINNERSEDGE New Patient Generator. The go-to new patient-getting tool for every doctor.

This is pulling hundreds of new ones every day around the country.

This method ALWAYS works for years & years.

And, it takes practice zero doctor time!

A must-have for any doctor wanting more new ones.


Your forms run your office. They direct the flow of action and are required legally for every patient.

Even if you do a lot with software you still need good forms.

Many consider this the best forms set in chiropractic. Incudes all forms in Microsoft Word for your customization.

Everybody gets this. You will thank us!

Use the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming to educate your patients to keep their visits, stay under care and refer their family and friends to you!

Our Communication and Persuasion set teaches you how to handle all questions.

The Office Visit Talk set teaches you how to smartly educate your patients one minute at a time.

This set teaches you what to tell people on each visit for best results, compliance and referrals.

This material is very powerful and is THE SECRET to higher PVA and referrals.

Higher PVA and referrals means you get paid more, and with no extra overhead.


A $500k a year office with a 60% overhead gets you $200k.

A $500k a year office with a 30% overhead gets you $350k! Take your pick.

After 10 years this is $1,500,000. Become an overhead and money handling master with WINNERSEDGE!

This material is basic small business ownership.

DCs are masters at finding new ways to take home less money.

Do not be one of them!

Learn how overhead really works, how to get yours down and get profits up!


“Tory, if you came to my office what would you do to grow like crazy?”

Well here it is! 8 audios plus 4 videos including Tory driving around showing you the marketing opportunities all around you.

Our Moment by Moment Marketing Concept really works.

This along with out New Patient Generator are our key marketing, promotion and practice growth sets.

Every new DC on earth needs this.

Every DC who wants more new ones needs this.


You’ve never seen a set like this!  Actual video with real patients. Shows work on all areas of the spine.

Expect to get better overnight!

Improve your dexterity, pressure, angles, and even what your eyes are doing when you adjust.

You’ll love ALL these techniques from a DC who has given over a million adjustments.

Technique is quite weak in most offices today, get this and get better!


Your treatment time controls your volume and your volume controls your collections.

Your collections control what you get paid.

What you get paid controls or affects everything in your life.

So: Your Treatment Time is controlling or affecting everything in your life.

Understand how much wasted seconds are costing you and get this immediately useful material.

This material will teach you to be MUCH better with your time so you can see more people in less time, with better results and more referrals!


This is the first audio set Tory ever made. Many consider it the best!

It could not be duplicated today. This original recording is as fresh today as it was when it was made.

This is designed for DCs and non DCs.

Our only set made for non DCs to benefit from our amazing success material and methods.

The Money training alone is priceless and it’s the only place you can get an “Orange Card” outside a seminar!


Want to automatically attract more new people to your office?

Learn exactly what to STOP doing and what to START doing to get more new ones.

Listen to the included new patient affirmation audio every day on your way to work.

Deserve more new ones by learning more about how to get them.

A Re-Sign is when you get a patient to continue care after their initial plan of visits.

Normally into a WINNERSEDGE Wellness Plan via a pre-pay or auto-pay arrangement.

Getting people to stay is the easiest way to build volume.

We have the easiest and most effective system you have ever seen for getting people into wellness.

If you want more affluence you must move from your poverty thinking to prosperity thinking.

We all have a certain amount of poverty thinking baked into our subconscious. Let’s fix it!

This must be fixed before any wealth can come into your life!

This material is critical so you can think in a manner in harmony with more success.

Starting a practice is like climbing Mount Everest. There is so much preparation it can be overwhelming.

Allow us to guide you successfully and avoid the countless pitfalls that trap most doctors.

We are practice start-up experts. You will want everything we have for your successful start-up!

The ability to spark patients to refer family and friends is a priceless skill.

It must be learned. Which means we must be willing to pay someone to teach us how to do it.

What to say, when to say it, how to say it. We have it here and in all our communication sets!

Just one more referral pays for this set 10x over!

If you have 200 new ones with a PVA of 12 you get 240 visits.

If you had the same 200 new patients with a PVA of 40 you would get 800 visits!

PVA and patient referrals are the two metrics that reveal the health of a practice.

Learn what it takes to grow your PVA today!

Smart DCs learn from the litany of other DC mistakes.

This may be the most entertaining audio set in chiropractic today.

Perfect for plane rides and while driving! You won’t believe the crazy things on this.

Prepare to laugh and be amazed!

Here are the key essentials for all CAs to have for maximum practice success.

Your team will either make you or break you.

Let’s train them to have the dedication, work ethic, attitude , and desire to become chiropractic warriors for you and your office!

Our CA materials are very good and the success in our group proves it!

These are affirmation audios to program you to believe stronger, get referrals and handle objections. The only audios of their kind for us.

The repetition you can get from these will literally re-program your subconscious mind to the next level. Your practice then follows!

These are one of many secret weapons we have to turn regular DCs like you into a chiropractic success animal.


Program your subconscious mind then automatically say and do things at a higher level.

This set uses the ever powerful phrase I AM at the start of each affirmation. Repetition causes you to start to believe, then prosper!

Listen to these as you wake up, fall asleep, or on the way to and from the office.

Turn you car into a rolling success machine!

Key “inside” the office new patient generating tricks as well as “outside” the office new patient generating tactics.

You can became a new patient generating machine by studying new patient tools like this.

Many doctors call and buy all our sets at one time for a significant discount. They are worth it.

If you ever want more money you must re-program your mind to that new level FIRST.

This is a great secret that very few know about. Have you ever wondered why less than 7% of the population become millionaire’s?

Do you want to be in the 7%?

Program yourself to THINK then BECOME.


Every DC at some point needs to be “recharged.” This set can do it.

One of our most popular sets. Fix being bored. Fix and avoid “burnout.”

Fall back in love with chiropractic, your office, and yourself!

Become WINNERSEDGE DC and enjoy practice ’til the end!

The keystone of your entire practice is your Report. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Your ability to actually get people to start care. We must become a black belt at this!

This includes a repetition audio of the Report AND Re-sign process to listen to so you can easily memorize them.

We will grow to the level of what we have memorized.

You basically only do 5 things: New patients, Reports, Re-exams, Re-signs, and Office visits!

To max out your practice you must be an expert at all 5.

Learn how to handle all of these better with these 4 audios.

Another one of our most popular sets that everybody gets!

Here is the compact list of the top 20 things you can do right now that will make a difference.

So much out there is fluff. No fluff here!

How many of the 20 things do you have working for you?

Remember: the more WINNERSEDGY you become, the more successful you will be.


All high performers get this set the second they see it.

If you want a million dollar+ practice then here it is. If you don’t, why not? 🙂

The principles of a Top 1% practice apply to all levels. It is rare to have true million+ DCs talk about how they did it.

Take advantage!

You must be able to assess and adjust extremities with skill and speed.

Learn how to deal with all the key extremity joints in a way you will enjoy doing forever.

When to adjust them and how to emphasize that the spine is always FIRST in your office!

Tory’s adjusted Olympians and athletes of all levels including now 4 UFC champions.

Genuine P to A cervical chair adjusting of C6 to T2 as well as the atlas and axis.

Tory trained with the late Dr. John Thatcher, one of Dr. Gonstead’s closest friends for 23 years. Tory used to practice 15 minutes from the Gonstead clinic and has been to 30+ seminars there.

He is known as one of the smoothest and most correct seated cervical adjusters anywhere.


This is a LIVE recording of Tory going through incredible health stats and facts that will get you fired up!

This will motivate you and get you more excited than ever to reach more people with chiropractic awesomeness.

This is like an old school “Doctors Report.”

Everybody loves this one!

Your first day is what sets the tone for all patients to start or not start care.

Learn the detailed points of the entire Day 1 process.

This a LIVE training with countless golden nuggets you can use right away to become more effective and save more people.

Your community needs you to get better!

There was a time before Zoom when all events were live only. Never on a screen and never recorded.

This is the first LIVE Zoom we did and is the only LIVE recording of our Seminar material available.

4 hours of practice success strength building material. Includes 3 Zoom guest speakers!

Getting good at adjusting the lumbar spine is vital to practice success.

It is THE area that degenerates the most, causes the most missed days from work and the most spinal surgeries.

Every DC, including you, needs to get better at lumbars. Let’s do it!

This is a LIVE recorded workshop on the high level points of getting people to start and prepay for care.

The art of communicating the need for care in a way that gets people to follow your recommendations is priceless!

Learn what to say, when, and how to say it.

All DCs get this and the Decompression Success Summit.

Our decompression system is a phenomenon in chiropractic right now. And will only continue to get better.

Chiropractic and decompression combined gets results and make more sense than any other possible combination.

This is a recorded training with highly successful WINNERSEDGE DCs using our decompression model.

We have made a science of adding decompression. You MUST do this properly or it will be a mess in your office.

Help more people, increase your income, change your life!

Having more than 1 DC in an office is very difficult to pull off.

Learn the math and physics elements that must be addressed for any success. Ideally before any office is built as ALL hangs on the layout.

This material is absolutely required for all multi-DC office doctors who want to have an incredible practice!

This includes 34 patient education videos for you to copy exactly for your patients.

Plus an additional 9 videos to electrify you into “military power.”

This is what caused our members to break all their records during the most goofed up time in healthcare history in 2020 and 2021.

Thousands have this, you want it too!

This 150 page book teaches you the business and money flow skills that only exist here at WINNERSEDGE.

The exact way to pay debt, save, do payroll, pay taxes, give money, and so much more.

The value you get from this book cannot be measured. It will change your life forever.


This 248 page full color book has probably changed more lives than any other book in recent chiro history.

Over 9000 DCs have this. The response from this book has been overwhelming.

LEARN about how to think and act successfully. It works!

Legendary success book from 1910. This book contains the key principles behind all success and every successful business.

We took this and made a chiropractor specific version.  We recommend all doctors read this book several times.

Becoming rich is a science. You can learn it!

Great hardcover notebook with penholder built in. The perfect notebook to use for all trainings.

Once full, get another one and fill it!

Your notebooks are some of the most valuable things you own.

Create a nice series of them.


You can Become a Chiropractic Super Success

  • Do you want to become a super successful chiropractor?
  • It takes a little work but you can do it!
  • Great chiropractic care is the bedrock of everything we teach.
  • Our stuff is surprisingly smart and easy to implement. You will see!

If you want to start, buy, sell, practice as a couple, practice with a friend, practice with family, or create a solo practice that collects $75k to $150k per month in a 3.5 day week, then contact us.

Doctors of ACTION are favored by the goddess of good luck. Reach out today!