I want to START a practice

Are you looking to start or possibly buy a practice and want to be super successful?

We have everything you need to do this smartly, legally, and with immediate and long term success.

No chiro should ever start or buy a practice without Tory as their consultant!

There are a 1000 things that have to be done correctly (and in the right order) or you will cause a huge mess for yourself. Not to mention legal risk, IRS, or State Board violation troubles that can set a doctor back for years..

  • You would never climb Mount Everest without preparation and coaching.
  • You would never do your own tax returns as a business owner.
  • You would never defend yourself in a courtroom.

And you should never start or open a business without a true expert to guide you.

It is the best money your could ever spend.

At WINNERSEDGE we specialize in helping doctors design, plan, equip, organize, set up, start, staff, and promote their new office!

We are experts with the following:

  • Doctors who want to build out a new office. No DC should ever build an office without Tory drawing the floorplan.
  • Doctors who want to learn all the business behind starting a successful business/practice.
  • Students looking to have their own office after graduation. We want you to open within 90 days of graduation and seeing over 100 visits a week within 90 days of that, and then grow from there.
  • Doctors who want to learn the money flow secrets to become a multi-millionaire. And they are secrets!
  • ALL multi-doctors offices or DC couples looking to start a practice need to join immediately. This is an incredibly complex scenario that requires major coaching in order to enjoy any success.
  • Doctors who are associates looking to start their own office.
  • Doctors who are associates and are considering buying the practice they are in.  This absolutely requires coaching.
  • Doctors looking to be super successful right away after graduation.

Any scenario where you are looking to start, buy, build, or create a chiropractic clinic means you join WINNERSEDGE right away.

The core of your success team is you, your expert consultant (WINNERSEDGE) and your accountant. Not your mom or dad, a chiro friend, or husband, or wife, or anyone else.

This is SERIOUS business and requires serious, dedicated, objective experts who you pay to look out for your best short term and long term interests. 

Here's a pdf with more great info about WInnersedge

For those who like to read, this 11-page guide will help you make the decision to join!

Do you want a proven system to become ultra successful in practice? Join WINNERSEDGE.

We’re a group of smart, caring, VERY successful chiropractors focused on changing thousands of lives while creating an incredible life for ourselves.

Want to know the best locations to practice in right now?  Join WINNERSEDGE.

There are states, and cities that are MUCH easier to become successful. One DC may collect $300,000 in one state and another DC at the same volume can collect $750,000 in a another state.

how do you get the money you need to start?  Join WINNERSEDGE.

We have contacts for practically everything you need.

Discover the smartest office designs that bring the best results and most success? Join WINNERSEDGE.

Your paycheck hangs on your volume. Your volume is controlled by the physical layout of the office. You want Tory to design your office.

are you stressed, nervous, not sure what to do and want help Join WINNERSEDGE.

“The day I joined with Tory all my stress went away” is a common testimonial here.

 want to be part of a winning team? with doctors who will inspire you to be better than you ever could alone? JOIN WINNERSEDGE.

We have what you need right now! All our systems and methods are simple, easy, and brutally effective. With a little work, you can become another WINNERSEDGE super success.

master our amazing consult, exam, and report system that makes signing people up for care easier than everJoin WINNERSEDGE.

Along with new goals and a new winning attitude, the WINNERSEDGE “powertrain” of the Consult, Exam and Report (Problem + Plan + Payment Arrangement)  are going to totally change your life.

Finally Learn the Fastest Way To Crush debt and feel better than ever about your money future. Join WINNERSEDGE.

Our money flow system of giving, doctor pay, automated taxes, RAPID FIRE debt elimination, and our MONEY VORTEX literally guarantee that your net worth will be growing every month in practice.

Get the Best Business and Money Training, Down to The Flowchart, Details, and all Systems. Join WINNERSEDGE.

You are a promoter, a chiropractor and a BUSINESS PERSON! Here you will become a Black Belt at all three.

would you like a Dominating Advantage Over Every Other Doctor in your Area?  Join WINNERSEDGE.

The WINNERSEDGE chiropractor quietly becomes the most successful and respected DC who ever lived in their area. Would you like this?

Students And Doctors Who Want to Start, Buy or grow A Practice and be as successful as possible, as fast as possible, for as long as possible, and LOVE life  should… Join WINNERSEDGE.

Those who know feel that every DC should have a mandatory 2 years in WINNERSEDGE. Imagine what we can do for doctors who stay in for their entire career? We have many deca-millionaires in the making right now.

Do you want to meet, learn, and share with really cool, smart, and fun doctors like yourself? Join WINNERSEDGE.

The incredible friendships you will make will last a lifetime. Get out and do more and watch what happens in all areas of your life!

Let’s do this…

  • Let’s go over all the details of what you want in practice.
  • Let’s talk abut money, locations, leases.
  • What is the ideal space?
  • Clinic name, logo, branding, all elements of design are so important.


  • Layout – everything hangs on your layout. Tory will make sure this is awesome.
  • Codes, fees, forms, software, SOAP system, registering the name, legal elements, Tax ID #, LLC or S-Corp, everything must be done right.
  • Initial marketing plan to get over 100 a week right away.
  • Banking, money flow, payroll, taxes, accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable. ALL must be perfect!

And also…

  • Your weekly schedule. Vacations, Holidays, how to do it all.
  • Hiring, staffing, training. We have over 100 CA Training videos!
  • Scheduling, consults, exams, reports, office visits, all procedures. We have them for you!
  • If you want to create a profitable, even a one or TWO million dollar practice, you are in the right place!.

We have countless doctors who started from dirt and learned how to serve their communities unselfishly and be justly rewarded by collecting $100,000+ per month.

In the end…

A successful chiropractor is a healthy, happy, respected, generous, eternally secure, debt-free cash multi-millionaire with great family, friends, and fun because they did all the things taught here at WINNERSEDGE.

  • Have faith.
  • Have courage.
  • DC super successes from Montana to Florida to Singapore trust us, you can too!

It is time for YOU to go for it!

what do you really want?

I can show you how to get it.


Here’s what you get:

  • Passcodes to our incredible 900 Video success library.
  • Includes all our Office Start Up checklist and videos. INCREDIBLE.
  • You get access to all monthly DC and CA Zoom calls live with Tory.
  • You get access to our members only DC and CA Facebook pages.
  • You get Tory’s direct email for 24/7/365 access to answers.
  • You get our Contacts and Resources for many things you need for success.
  • You get access to Seminars, Workshops, Bootcamps and Special Trainings.
  • Enjoy a discount on any multi-item Success Product purchases.
  • You get to say you’re in WINNERSEDGE!  The practice success powerhouse!

It’s worth doing now:

  • Don’t sign, buy, commit to, or do anything without running it past Tory first.
  • Starting right can save countless dollars and hours. The last thing you want is to have to “re-do” anything..
  • You must admit you do not know what you are doing.
  • How many successful business have you started from a bare floor?
  • How much are your student loans? We will show you how to pay them off fast!
  • Learn the best online, internal AND external marketing that works like crazy.
  • Our layout, staff, and overhead guidelines will keep your overhead in check.
  • Our accumulation strategies engaged will make you a multi-millionaire.
  • All coaching fees are 100% tax deductible!

And most importantly, our systems allow you to improve the lives of
thousands more people with chiropractic awesomeness!

Doctors of ACTION are favored by the goddess of good luck!

You may know enough about WINNERSEDGE and are ready to join.

GREAT! Do it and you will get the following  growth BONUSES right away.

“DO IT NOW” Bonus #1

You get hard copies of all three success books. We will send them to you absolutely FREE.

“DO IT NOW” Bonus #2

We will let you pick ANY TWO of our Product Sets from our Products page for FREE!

“DO IT NOW” Bonus #3

Join and we will immediately set you up with a comprehensive goal setting, vector changing first coaching call. You will quickly realize you made a great decision to join!

Let’s do this:

  1. Just click the BLACK button below.
  2. Pay and start your Membership.
  3. You will be sent your Passcodes right away.
  4. Now use them to log in to the Member’s Area of the WINNERSEDGE website.
  5. Email and tell us which audio sets you want.
  6. We will set you up for your call with Tory.
  7. You will get access to the WE Facebook group.
  8. You will get links to all DC and CA Zoom calls
  9. Once your office is open, we’ll mail you our amazing WINNERSEDGE TOOLKIT filled with success materials and so much more!

It feels great to GO FOR IT.   To say YES!   To DO IT!

now, click below if you are ready to join

If you want more information simply read on, or set up your free call with Tory!

Life has advanced so far, and become so complex, that even the most ordinary man or woman requires a great amount of wealth in order to live in a manner that even approaches completeness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to Tory before I join?

You bet! Just call or set up a time here.

Is there a guarantee?

If you promise to do what we recommend, we promise you will grow beyond what you currently think is possible.

What qualifies Tory to do this?

Read his 5 books, 8 booklets, listen to all 40 audio sets, watch a few hundred of his videos, talk to a hundred or so members and then tell us what you think. 😊

How do you think I should choose a coach?

Pick the coach who has done it for years. Experience is EVERYTHING when paying for advice. Pick the coach who has the best books, audio sets and most videos for you. Pick who you can get on the phone with the fastest. Pick who has the greatest variety of live and Zoom events. Pick who has a physical training-based immersion event like our DC Bootcamp. Pick who has an office specifically designed for coaching DCs. Do this and you will quickly see we have no competition.

How long are your coaching calls?

Those with scheduled coaching calls are set for 15 minutes. If you need more, we just set another time or even a direct ZOOM with Tory. Despite his schedule, he can be reached practically any day by his clients.

Can I call whenever I want?

Full members can email or call anytime. Our global online only members have no direct access. 

I want to “spend more time” with my patients. Is that okay?

The more time you spend with people the fewer people you will help, and the less you will collect. The goal is for doctors to “compress quality” and be able to serve enough people to sustain a business and build a life.

Do you teach chiropractic business skills?

We are considered the chiropractic business powerhouse. Tory’s degree is in business, it is the backbone of your success. A DC is three people: A promoter and marketer of chiropractic, a practicing DC, and a business person. We take all three seriously. Business, payroll, debt, expenses, overhead, saving, taxes. You MUST get good at this and we teach you exactly how.

Do I need to buy all the product sets?

The doctors who do are more successful than the ones who don’t. Each success set teaches a key element for practice mastery. Everything you buy here brings a much bigger return than the cost.

“I joined with Tory while still in school at Sherman. Now I’m over 400 a week with a new best of $122,000 in a month! Using Tory’s system I’ve paid off every penny of my student loans in under 3 years. And… I just moved into my perfect new LEVEL 4 WINNERSEDGE office and am ready to break all my practice records yet again. It is so exciting!”

– Dr. Molly Spohn Lee Greenvile, SC

“Tory was my first chiro in 1997 and helped me win a Big 10 title in wrestling. I became a DC myself and we’ve been friends the entire time. My best is 172 visits in an afternoon. I’m a 3-time Ironman and have an incredible house overlooking the lake for my wife and 3 kids. It’s an incredible life! Take it from me, I have known Tory a long time and he will always lead you right!”

– Dr. Kevin Wilmot Kalispell, MT

Do you coach married couple offices?

Yes we have now 22 married DC couple practices in the group. One married DC duo just collected $129k in a month.

Why would I join WINNERSEDGE?

You will be part of group that is dedicated to you and your success. Dr. Robson is considered an expert in producing high-powered, multi-millionaire Chiropractors. He will teach you all of his systems whether you’re looking to increase volume and collections, open a new practice, pay off debt, save more money, simplify, have more fun, and so much more. All top performers have coaches!

What makes you different or better than other groups?

Tory has invented many new and better ways of doing everything from the Day 1 to our Insta-Report, getting people to stay via our Re-Sign System, all our business and money flow systems including our Rapid Fire and Money Vortex. You are getting superior material that brings superior results for all who use it. And yes, we have 800 instant videos, 40 incredible audio and video sets, our ZOOM calls, private coaching, resources, CA training, money training, attitude, scripts. Not to mention our training facility, DC and CA BOOTCAMPS, credibility, consistency, and our results year after year with no slowing down. If you can get Tory to coach you, you should do it.

Do you coach both insurance and cash practices?

We coach everything from super successful heavy PI practices, high volume cash-based offices, Medicare practices, multi-DC, multi-office, father-son, partnership practices and everything in between.

Do you push a system I have to use?

There is a better way to think, say, and do practically everything. WINNERSEDGE has a proven system on everything from Day 1, to Team Meetings, to how you dress. You can choose the systems you want to incorporate. The more “WINNERSEDGY” you become, the more successful you will be. 

How current are your procedures?

Our office layouts, consult, exam, report, office visit, care plans, wellness plans, practice models, re-exam, re-sign, money flow, team hiring and training, marketing, motivation and attitude are all current to the minute.  Our “Report Diagram” alone is worth joining to learn how to do.

Do you teach technique?

Technique is critical for a great practice and great results. Technique is a topic in practically everything we do. We have experts on everything from Gonstead to Torque Release to Atlas Orthogonal to Diversified to Thompson, etc. Your job is to learn from those better than you and share with those who need you.

What are your practice models?

We can coach practically any practice model. The mathematically proven best ones for doctors who want low overhead, low stress, high production, and high fun are our Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and incredible $200k per month Level 6 practice models. Join and find out!

Do you teach marketing and how to get new patients?

Of course. Getting patients, starting patients, keeping patients, and what to do with the money is ALL we do here.

Do you teach how to pay off student loans?

Yes, you will learn Tory’s Rapid Fire Debt Elimination and entire money flow system. The new record in the group is $297,000 in loans paid off in 13 months. Our system is unequaled.  Many feel he should be on TV with it.

Do you coach multi-DC offices?

The limitations of a multi-DC office are so complex that you 100% MUST have a consultant to have any chance of success with this model. Join immediately if this is you.

“I opened a new office with Tory’s help and grew to 100 visits a day in two months. I then buckled down and using Tory’s Rapid Fire Debt System I paid off all $297,000 of my student loans in 13 months. That’s the power of what Tory teaches. It really is amazing.”

– Dr. Chase O’Keefe Clear Lake, WI

“I was in practice 30 years then joined with Tory. We just hit 365 a week and with Tory’s guidance I will be retiring early and moving to sunny Florida! What Tory teaches and how he teaches it is really good. I have never seen anything like it in all my years of practice!”

– Dr. Cindy Beemer Springdale, AR

Do you coach multi-location DCs?

Of course. If you work out of a small storage room or own three buildings with 9 doctors our systems are perfectly scalable.

I want to own multiple offices and just be a CEO?

Anything you choose to do in chiropractic will be better off with Tory on your success team. The more complex your world, the more you need him. The multiple office/CEO concept is more of an “illusion of grandeur” and is not required to become very wealthy and have tons of free time and an incredible life. But if a DC wants to go after this, you will want Tory with you for sure.

What if I want to practice solo with no staff?

We have this and the one-room, ultra-low overhead, simple practice model down to a science. Many DCs will be choosing this model more in the future. It is not for everybody but for a certain type of person this is great. Join for sure!

What if I am buying a practice?

Join now if you want this to be MUCH more successful. This is a major project. You need someone looking out for you for 100 different reasons.  Never should you buy a practice without Tory.

What is I am selling a practice?

Join now if you want maximum value and for this to go MUCH better for all parties.

My area is different?

Great, let’s get on a call and talk about it. The more “different” your area is the better our stuff will probably work! There is ALWAYS a way to win in every area.

Do I have to have an x-ray machine?

Nope. Many members have no X-ray. X-ray is nice but not required to be successful in practice.

Are most of your events in Minneapolis?

This is the perfect location in the country for everyone to get to. Plus, the airport, our event hotels, and the WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Training Center are practically on the same road. Our events could not be more convenient! Our secondary location is Fort Lauderdale, FL where Tory has a second home. Nobody ever complains about having events in sunny Florida!

When should students join?

A year before graduation. It takes a lot more time and work than students realize to start a proper practice. There are very few successful new graduates. We want all new grads operating within 90 days, then over 100 visits per week within 90 days, then grow from there using all our systems.

Will Tory come visit my office?

Tory does a few full-day office visits and trainings each year for doctors willing to pay for this exclusive event. It is a life and practice changing phenomenon for sure. But, if he is ever in your area he will for sure stop in and say hello!

“I’ve been around the planet with chiropractic and I can say that Tory truly is one of the best, I love attending and speaking at his events!”

– Dr. John Minardi Oakville, ON

“Tory has completely overhauled our lives. Starting from basically nothing we recently hit $112k in monthly collections, then broke that record with $116k, then after the recent DC Bootcamp broke it again with our new best of $129k for the month! As a married duo practicing together we still have room to grow. We have bought or done everything he offers, take it from us it works!

– Drs. Darby and Ashley Campbell Centennial, CO

What do you have for CA training?

We have everything! Over 100 videos and Tory’s newly updated CA Training Master Checklist. CAs can attend Workshops and Seminars.  CA only ZOOM calls, CA coaching directly with us and other high-powered CAs. The CA only Facebook group for our member CAs, and of course our CA Bootcamp every summer.

Are all the events included in the fee?

The Seminars are. Our Workshops and Bootcamps are separate trainings that DCs and CAs can choose to attend if they want additional training. This allows us to keep the coaching fee lower.

Can I bring my staff to events?

Yes, except for the DC Bootcamp and certain Workshops. There is a time for just DCs to train and times for the entire team to train.

Can I bring a spouse, kids or dogs to events?

Spouses love seminars, but sorry, no kids or dogs are allowed at any events.

Do you coach associates?

We coach any DC or “DC to be” on how to be super successful. You pay = We teach = You grow. We do encourage most associates to eventually have their own practice.

Do I have to sign a contract with you?

Actually, you are getting Dr. Robson to sign a contract with you. One that assures he will be dedicated to YOU and your success.  No agreement = No commitment by anyone = No significant success for you.  When you join WINNERSEDGE you get ALL our success materials the day you join, so it only makes sense to have a reasonable agreement. This is how we weed out those less committed to winning. All of the many super successful doctors here did this – you can be totally confident in our process!

What do I get with a WINNERSEDGE membership?

There’s too much to list. The big things are lower stress and skyrocketing confidence that your entire future is going to change for the better. You now know what you’re doing will work because it has been proven so many times. You get all 800+ videos, 8 training booklets, key books, all past DC and CA Zoom trainings, booklets and synopsis video for past seminars, access to events, access to Tory, access to members, access to resources. There is no waiting here.  

Do I pay monthly for my membership?

Payments here are automated weekly, making it even easier to be a member here. Some prepay a year at a time.

Do I get to communicate with other members also?

Yes, we have a member only Facebook group that is very powerful. Instant access to all the information of the group. Imagine how powerful this is when you need anything. There really is no excuse for not being super successful here.

What other resources do you have for members?

We have all of Tory’s personal connections for everything from financing, X-ray machines, graphic design, where to get the best spine models, posters, deals on equipment, accounting, Facebook ads, and 100 other things.  All our resources are listed in the members only area of our website.

“I started with Tory before I opened, now in my first year I am already collecting over $100,000 per month. Never could have done this without him!!”

– Dr. Isidoro “Junior” Acevedo Cocoa, FL

“Tory designed my new office. Using all his stuff I’m now collecting $100k+ per month with 2 CAs and you should see my new house being built in Delray Beach. I have done everything he teaches and feel I am still learning and growing. Being in the group over 10 years, I know Tory as well as anyone, he will lead you right, just like he has led me!

– Dr. Ryan Alter Delray Beach, FL

What happens after I join?

An explosion of awesomeness happens. You immediately get your passcodes, we will set up a call with Tory, we will mail you our Success Toolkit, and so much more!

Will you be around a while?

Yes! We are not like many groups in the past who are now defunct. We’ve been around since 2008 and just made our 10-year plan to become even more powerful! But Tory cannot do this forever, so get in now while he is still on fire for your success.

Is there a hidden agenda here?

Yes there is. For you to become a happy, healthy, generous, respected, debt-free cash multi-millionaire DC who loves their life.

I’m struggling and not sure if I can afford this?

Then you need us more than ever and must find a way to get started and do exactly what we teach as quickly as you can. We will get through this!

I’m already doing well, what can you do for me?

We can do more for you than others because you have a good base to start from. The more successful a DC becomes the MORE they need someone like Tory to talk to. The mental error of the average DC is: “Once I am doing well I don’t need coaching.” No Olympian ever said that.

Are there different levels with the group?

Yes! There are three groups you can grow into as you and your practice grow. This keeps everything new, fresh and exciting. You are always around those like you or better.

When do I get to quit?

When does a patient get to quit seeing you as their chiropractor? When do you get to quit having an accountant? The core of your success team is you, your expert consultant (Tory), and your accountant.  Most plan on being here until they retire, since they have seen the most successful doctors by far in the group follow our plan and retire early. But… once you are a debt-free cash multi-millionaire you will have some decisions to make. Until then there is a lot of work to do!

What other resources do you have for us?

Contacts for: Websites, social media marketing, malpractice, graphic design, legal matters, printing, equipment, billing, coding, fees, fitness, philosophy, certainty, loans, supplies, CE credits, handouts, brochures, insurance, investment advice, X-ray, etc. You have access to all the resources of everyone in the group. It’s incredible!

Can you help with my retirement strategy?

Yes, your future money situation is a major priority here. We have the giving, payroll, tax, debt, and saving system as well as recommended investment strategies that have been proven for years to allow DCs to retire early with wealth. Most chiropractors end up with no real money. Join right now if you want a solid chance at becoming wealthy.

“I joined with Tory after I heard him talk at Life West. He helped me buy a practice. I have done all his events, use his systems, and follow his teaching carefully. My new best is over $121,000 for the month and my student loans are paid in full. All in under 3 years! WINNERSEDGE is the way to go!”

– Dr. David Sedghi San Luis Obispo, CA

“We joined with Tory so we could start our new office successfully. We are now almost at 100 visits a day, our debt is being crushed, we are making money and having a LOT of fun growing our new practice! FOR SURE you join with Tory if you want to start an office.

– Drs. Brooke and Zach Peterson Spicer, MN

what do you really want?

I can show you how to get it.


by  Katy:  WINNERSEDGE director of everything

  • I started with Tory in 2012 running his practice at the time when his consulting was really starting to take off.
  • Tory’s criteria to become a consultant: Average 100 to 200+ visits a day for years, collect and average over $100,000 to $200,000+ per month  and an overhead under 25%. Run cash practices, big insurance and PI practices, have owned commercial real estate and been a landlord, have built at least 3 offices from a bare floor, have a training location that is centrally located in the country, and several other significant personal, fitness and financial requirements.
  • He has invented we don’t know how many cool things for chiropractors. The Orange Card, Report diagram, Re-sign language, Rapid Fire for debt, Money Vortex, his Care plan sheet and Wellness plans, Visualization guides, Lock-in procedure, Stats and Bests, Team meeting agenda, Car buying strategy, Home buying strategy, Small amounts weekly, geez it goes on and on.
  • All his secrets, tricks, procedures, language to use, systems, I mean it would take hours to talk about it all.
  • Think about how smart he was 10 years ago to start video recording everything so he now has a 800 video library with all of it in there for you. In fact, it’s hilarious to watch some of the original videos from 2008.
  • He’s now published 40 product sets which are considered by many to be the best in chiropractic today.  1000+ videos, 5 books, and 8 booklets of which we understand his Ultimate Chiro Success Guide is the most popular book in chiropractic today with over 9000 going out in the last 24 months. And he gave them ALL away for FREE.  Unreal.
  • We call our office the WINNERSEDGE Chiro Training Center. We are quite certain no coach has ever had a place like this to practice or train chiropractors.
  • Tory likes working out, kettlebell training, jiu jitsu, coaching, practicing guitar and powerboating. He has engineered it ALL to be right here or at his place in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. It’s pretty sweet.
  • Like he always says: Success is all in the setup.  We have the setup for you.
  • He thinks he is “normal” but there is nothing normal about him.
  • His time availability and ability to focus allow him to do things that practically no other consultant could ever do. His dedication and body of work prove it.
  • His dedication is a major factor in why so many WE DCs are so successful and why the WE program continues to grow and get better while others die.
  • He feels we’re just getting warmed up and that the real success has yet to happen for all his clients. Considering the success already in the room this is super exciting.
  • Tory is a well-studied Christian man. He knows God is in control. He has no goofy agenda like we see other groups have tried, but he will have discussions about such topics if any client wishes to.
  • He graduated from Montana State and was also in the Air Force for 6 years simultaneously. He started college to become an architect, then met a girl whose DC dad adjusted him and changed the course of his life.
  • He graduated in business, received his Honorable Discharge and went to chiro school. Little did he know he would end up a business consultant and use his architecture training to design chiropractic offices. There is nothing like a Tory-designed office. He just knows too much, making his designs really smart.
  • You would NOT believe the range of things he talks about every day with clients. Doctors know they can count on him and that he has the answers.
  • DCs love his military experience.  It really is invaluable and another critical advantage he has as a consultant. His direct and clear style is so good – he sugar coats nothing.
  • We feel our DC Bootcamps are the premier physical and mental training events for chiropractors lucky enough to get in one these days.tory_w_dogs.jpg
  • He likes to calls his Dobermans, Indy and Daphny, the official guard dogs of the chiropractic profession. They are pretty awesome.
  • We will get to work and he will have been here since 3:45am working on stuff for his clients or the profession. He’s crazy!
  • He gives a lot. The other day he had us call a vet clinic to see if anyone was struggling to pay for an emergency procedure for their animal. He had us pay some struggling woman’s vet bill totally anonymously. They started crying on the other end of the phone.
  • He also gave away his amazing Chiro Survival and Success Guide 43 video and 3 book PDFs set to now approaching 1000 DCs.
  • Figure around 200-400 DCs want to talk to him on any given day if they could get to him.
  • No outsiders are allowed in events, so no member ever has to worry about being sold stuff.
  • I am around him day in and day out, I hear the calls, his thoughts between calls, see him prepare for events (which is no less than amazing.) Believe me when we tell you that there is no way a person could care more or be more dedicated to your success. Everything you see at WINNERSEDGE proves it.
  • He’s not out to be popular or fluff himself up like others. He’s the guy who walks in quietly with a BIG STICK. He travels around and does some of the coolest chiropractic work for high performance people and nobody ever knows it.  Look at his custom made travel adjusting table, we challenge you to find any DCs whose portable has traveled more miles.
  • Speaking of tables. His modified and very popular Zenith adjusting table is called the TR1 named after him. The IST table he likes and has modified is now called the TR1000 named after him. He helps a LOT of other people become more successful, not just DCs.
  • We never see him “go after money” so to speak. It’s all about being great, having a great program, making other DCs great. It’s like it was easy for him so what drives him now is seeing if he can get others to the top.
  • I think what drives him is a desire to WIN. He won’t stop until he has the best success delivery system ever in chiropractic.tory-class-hand-on-wall.jpg
  • He loves projects. Each DC in the group is like a success project to him. Add a bunch of them up and you have a super successful group.
  • He likes to call the DCs in WINNERSEDGE all “Winners” for short. Become a Winner!
  • He’s the real thing and lives what he teaches. He has the house, the cars, the free time, the health and fitness, the first class life, the fun hobbies, and even the coolest dogs.
  • Every morning we come in and he’s already worked out. Many days he trains again in the afternoons, has private guitar lessons, singing lessons, jiu jitsu lessons. He drinks water from a local spring, juices, eats the best food, intermittent fasts, and has the bright vigor and love for life that everyone seeks.
  • This is why he is such a good coach. He started from nothing from a broken family in Montana and stayed with it until he reached the top of the mountain.
  • Nobody cares more. He understands and has what you really want in practice and in life, so he can show you how to get it.
  • There is no consultant anywhere you can trust more than Tory to think ahead with your best long-term interest in mind and lead you right.
  • In fact, that is our motto: If you can tell us what you want in practice, we can show you how to get it!

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.


now… are you ready to join or do you want to talk to tory first?


With coaching, you learn how to collect $10,000 more every month: 

  • After 5 years this is $600,000 more collected.
  • After 10 years $1,200,000
  • After 20 years is $2,400,000
  • After 30 years this gets you $4,800,000 

You are a good WE student and learn how to collect $20,000 more a month:

  • After 5 years this is $1,200,000 more.
  • After 10 years $2,400,000
  • After 20 years is $4,800,000
  • After 30 years this gets you $7,200,000 

Follow the WINNERSEDGE plan and grow $40,000 more a month: (This is common in WE)

  • After 5 years this is $2,400,000 more.
  • After 10 years $4,800,000
  • After 20 years is $9,600,000
  • After 30 years this collects you an astonishing $14,400,000 more than you would ever have had  

Is it worth paying thousands to learn how to collect millions more?

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You will grow, it’s simply a matter of how much and how fast!

Do you want to talk to other WINNERSEDGE doctors before you join?

Google and call any of the doctors below, they want to hear from you!

  • Dr. Junior Acevedo Chiro Studio Coca, FL Joined 2022
  • Dr. Kevin Dette Pacific Family Chiropractic in Vista, CA. Joined 2011
  • Dr. Molly Spohn Matrix Chiro in Greenville, SC. Joined 2019
  • Dr. Jonathan Olson Nokomis Chiropractic in Minneapolis MN. Joined 2012
  • Dr. Kevin Wilmot Northern Lights Chiro in Kalispell, MT. Joined 2008
  • Dr. Christy and Cliff Taylor Taylor Family Chiro in Medway, MA. Joined 2019
  • Dr. Ryan Alter Alter Chiro in Delray Beach, FL.  Joined 2010
  • Dr. Chase O’Keefe Northern Roots Chiro in Clear Lake, WI. Joined 2017
  • Drs. Andrew Jahner and Nick Barney Optimal Chiro in Fargo, ND. Joined 2016
  • Dr. Trish Wolff Natural Ways Chiro in St. Paul, MN. Joined 2013
  • Drs. Will and Lana Hopson Hopson Chiro in Tyler, TX. Joined 2015
  • Dr. David Sedghi Momentum Health in Avila Beach, CA. Joined 2019
  • Drs. Darby and Ashley Campbell Campbell Chiro in Centennial, CO. Joined 2017
  • Dr. Todd Adams Adams Chiro in Colorado Springs, CO. Joined 2016
  • Dr. Emily Johnson Full Circle Health in Chesterfield, MO. Joined 2019
  • Dr. Shannon DeBoer Cascade Chiro in Hot Springs, SD. Joined 2015
  • Dr. Cathy Keltgen Keltgen Family Chiro in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Joined 2013
  • Drs. Karrie Norring and Kerri Lehn Healing Hands Chiro in Andover, MN. Joined 2015

We have hundreds more!

When you join WINNERSEDGE you immediately have an army of colleagues, fans and supporters of you and your mission in practice. It truly is incredible!

what do you really want?

I can show you how to get it.

The "Should I Join" Quiz

1. Do you still have student loans? Yes No
2. Do you want lots of new patients? Yes No
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8. Do you want to learn how to invest? Yes No
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13. Do you want to work less hours? Yes No
14. Do you want a more dedicated team? Yes No
15. Do you want your taxes current ALWAYS? Yes No
16. Want to increase the value of your practice? Yes No

If you answered YES to any of these you should join immediately.

Adopt the WINNERSEDGE mantra: BE FIRST!

"I am the accountant for Dr. Robson and many Winners Edge clients across the country. Tory’s content & teaching is well rounded, relevant & effective. He has a fantastic coaching program."

our start-up program

You can join right now if you are ready. Highly recommended.

Otherwise set up a call to talk about your plans. 

The fees here are simple:

  • Doctor looking to start or buy a practice:
    • It’s only $47 a week until your office opens, then the fee goes to a normal $227 a week.
    • A start-up doctor who wants Tory to call them every month is $477 per week after opening.
    • At no point after you open do we try to recover the amazing discount we gave you to help you get started.
    • There is no additional charge if it is a multi-doctor office!

Notice how fair the fee is compared to what you get in return!

Never has there been a program that gives you so much for such a smart fee!

Remember: You are not paying for this, your clinic collections are.

Caution: We recommend NEVER joining any group that wants a percentage of your collections. There is NO ROOM in the chiropractic overhead for this.

if you're ready, let's get started!

Doctors of ACTION are favored by the goddess of good luck!

the most successful doctors see their need and go after what they want.

Now…   You can either do it and join WINNERSEDGE or set up a time to talk.

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