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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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The best outside the practice marketing is the same now as it has been forever. That is the chiropractor giving business cards to people. If you want to double your practice you simply need to double the number of people that you know.

It is so simple and it works so well, but it does take work. During the course of a day at the grocery store, at the bank, anywhere you go where there are people, you can walk up to comment on something that they’re doing and then give your business card.

It isn’t that you expect that person to come in as a patient, it’s just that you know every business card you give away will cause a new patient to come in from some unexpected source in the future. Early on in practice I learned from wise gentlemen that you have to meet 1500 to 3000 people eyeball to eyeball as you’re starting a practice.

Have you done this? How many people in your area really know you? How many people know you on a first name basis? How many friends do you really have in the area? Your new patients are simply a percentage of the number of people that know you.

So once again if you want to double your practice you simply have to double the number of people that you know if you want to be sustainable. Now as far as paying for marketing and trying to buy new patients, of course social media is the rage.

Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and TikTok ads all should be tested by each chiropractor. We find that some areas in the country work incredibly well for this and other areas not as well. It has to be tested and we have the resources to do this. Once again, however, the trap is if the chiropractor gets lazy and wants to try to buy new ones instead of building their power network so that they never have to market again or spend a penny on promotion.

Remember the Ultimate Practice is completely self generating without spending a penny on any promotion. But in the meanwhile if you find an angle that does work, like Google ads for example, along with you meeting people, then do that. Using the parlay techniques that we teach, and the recall list procedure, you should have no problem having enough new patients that will allow you to grow to the level of your treatment time.–

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