How To Explain Chiropractic So They “Get It” Forever

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

Chiropractic Practice Success Consultant

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The ultimate way to explain chiropractic so patients get it forever is to use a multi-angled approach.

You explain chiropractic on their first visit,. You explain it again in the video that you send them after their first visit. You explain it during the Insta Report, and during the first adjustments. You explain it during the Plan portion of the report where you draw the diagram so they can understand how Chiropractic works as far as time and healing.

All subsequent videos. All the Table Talk we use per our Table Talk set.

Using the anatomy book pictures we recommend at the exam and at the Report.

They get your Patient Handbook that again has key information for them to read, and see pictures of.

We want them to see MANY things and hear MANY things about chiropractic so as to burn in a basic understanding.

Patients understanding Chiropractic starts from the moment they walk in the office. Everything on the walls needs to be chiropractic. We make fun of offices that have pictures of ducks flying over a pond or other salon type artwork on the walls. Wasting the space where Chiropractic educational posters or chiropractic artwork should be.

We create a culture of Chiropractic so that people see things about Chiropractic. They’re hearing about Chiropractic, they feel chiropractic from the doctors care, they’re watching videos about Chiropractic, they’ve seen Spine models, and Chiropractic posters that you’ve explained, seen Chiropractic pages out of the anatomy book that explain chiropractic, they take home X-ray degeneration and subluxation handouts about chiropractic.

Your office must be a chiropractic education machine!

There are many pieces that go into this. This is why having procedures and scripting are so important. You must do everything in order to get a person that really understands.

More precisely, the consultation as we move into the exam is where we explain Chiropractic to them for the first time using our motor unit spine model. There is a specific way to do this which sets them up for the exam where you continue to explain chiropractic is you examined from C7 down to the sacrum and then do C7 up to the atlas. This sets them up for the x-ray procedure where you also are explaining chiropractic as it relates to x-rays. Which then sets them up perfectly for the Insta report, where you culminate everything that you’ve just done into one very sharp explanation that locks them into you as being the solution to the problems you just found moments ago.

Then as we go to do our first adjustments, we’re explaining Chiropractic again and then they see a video so they understand Chiropractic even more at that point. Then on each and every visit we have moment by moment explanations that don’t take much time. For example, I might say, “I just got back from the chiropractor myself. I go about 50 to 70 times a year”.

Look at the education they get in that one sentence that only took five seconds to say. They know that I go, so I believe in what I do. They see how often I go, which makes them want to follow me because I must know what’s right because I am the guy himself. Everything in your office matters, everything built to break through the persons programming in the past. As far as explaining chiropractic initially in person, we must have the motor units and pinch their finger, get them to touch the spine, keeping it very simple. We have a script for all this.

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