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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

Chiropractic Practice Success Consultant

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Do something that patients like the feel of and they will want more.

If a person does not like your spaghetti sauce, no amount of education or low prices will make a person want it.

Patients must like your tone, the smell of the office, ease of parking, pleasantness of CA, speed in the office, and ultimately what they actually feel on and in their body during each 1/20th of a second when the doctor is working on them. 

I drive 45 minutes to get adjusted because he is the best at adjusting my low back. I pass literally 500 chiros who “think they are good” to get to him, who actually is good.  I am in his office maybe 30 seconds. He delivers the goods. Period.

Which is why we are long time 150 to 200 a day DC buddies. No wonder we get along.  His angles, intention, confidence are a 10 just like mine. He actually aims accurately before he adjusts when most DCs just push on stuff with no vision or INTENTION of what is happening internally.

He is one of my best chiro friends for 24 years now. 

Beware again as Dunning Kruger Syndrome lifts its ugly head as chiros “think” they are great but their volume, new ones, and referrals prove otherwise.

I had a DC almost 30-years in practice get 2 referrals last month. He thinks he needs a new marketing plan and wants to argue with me about my systems. What it the real problem?

People don’t like what he does enough to tell anyone about it. And/or they are paying too much and don’t want to tell anyone about it.

The right initial plan, re-sign process, wellness plan, and REALLY good office visits, just like we teach, mean you will be as busy as you will be able to handle in 100 years! Let’s get better.

After 27 years in and 1,000,000 adjustments, I just decided I want to get really good!

50,000 coaching calls, 100s of events, the audio sets I have made, over 1000 videos made, writing over 1000 pages in books, all the success of hundreds of clients over 300 visits a week, and my practice is seeing over 30,000 visits a week. This is the total of all my clients and is my weekly volume. I have decided it is now time to get really good at consulting also.

Years in practice means little. A DC with 17 years experience is commonly a DC who has 17 years at being average. Especially if he’s not in a coaching group being educated, tested, pushed, and challenged by other high performers. 

There will be a theme in all my writing: Chiropractors need to quit thinking they are good at anything and get back to learning and focusing on getting better at everything. Myself included!

The “always ready to learn” attitude keeps us in a state where people want to come see us forever. You seek to always be getting better with your dexterity, tableside manner, touch, communication skills, image, footwork, and empathy. The next step requires you be a person who deserves it. Be a person who people want to come and see, pay, and refer family and friends.

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