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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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People are programmed by society to have certain beliefs about certain numbers. Like the number 13. Hotels do not have a 13th floor. How about Lucky number 7?  Or 666 as a number that causes many to have a certain feeling? Or 867-5309 for those familiar with 80’s music? 33 is another number with meaning to some.

Also notice that $80 in the mind gets looked at like it is basically $100 bucks. But $77 never gets looked at like it’s $100. This is the way it is.

Also notice the number 12.  12 numbers on a clock, 12 eggs, a dozen. A totally ,100% always accepted number.  You could attach almost anything to 12 and people will buy it. They are programmed by life to accept the number 12.

Which is why a block of 12 visits for a Re-sign into a wellness plan is practically guaranteed.  I realize this has nothing to do with clinical evaluation of what is needed for care. Considering every person on Earth should have the spine checked every week as a matter of basic anatomical, physiological and biological common sense, whatever block of visits you recommend is immaterial. Blocks of 12 for life or blocks of 100 for life.  What is the difference?

Chiropractors trying to assess symptoms or anything else, then playing “name the number of visits” with their number of visits is hilarious. “This person needs 9 visits” and “this woman needs 27 visits.” What a joke. This is medical type thinking.

Weakness reveals itself in a doctor’s care plan. The weak doctor lies to the patient and only tells the patient what they think they will accept. Because they want to be accepted or they do not want the patient to reject them.

We are here to deal truth in a very smart and caring way.  If a patient does not want to start, that is ok. Most will, they are dying for the truth!

Another number that is unbelievably powerful is the number 24. Another number that our mind is literally wired to accept in all situations. There are 24 hours in a day for crying out loud. So that number must be right wherever we see it.  For years I recommend 72 visit initial plans. 3 times a week for 12 weeks for 36 visits, followed by once a week for 36. I got to 150+ a day with this.  

But it was a lot of work and a lot of convincing. I then went to just 36 visits and it was much easier to get more people to start.

Around 7 years ago I made the discovery of the power of the number 24 and went to 24 visit initial plans with our amazing Insta Report system, and I mean EVERYBODY started care. And with minimal time. Probably the most efficient new patient starting system ever in chiropractic. My opinion of course.

Then with our Re-sign process getting them into wellness means a BIG practice for every DC who uses our system. Remember, a doctor can only grow to the level of their layout, treatment time, CA ability, self-image, money organization, and the other invisible laws that we must meet and conquer.

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