The Invisible Force Controlling a Doctor’s Income

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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There are many invisible forces controlling a doctor, i.e. controlling YOU.

Invisible. You are totally unaware of them despite your stat sheet and your life proving they are there.

Here are a few invisible forces or laws that we all have to contend with: The Law of Treatment Time. The Law of Self Image, The Law of Money Flow, The Law of Lesser Returns, The Law of The Layout, The Law of The Team, and many more.

All our coaching here is geared towards understanding and using these laws to our advantage instead of having them shackle us like they do the majority.

We don’t have time to cover all of these and the other 149 or so Laws that govern life and business.

The Law of Treatment time. Treatment time with each patient within the fixed number of clinic minutes per week controls your volume.

How many people you can see in 30 minutes during peak demand time determines your volume capacity. Nearly all doctors including you “think” you have more room for people. Yet your volume has been the same for a long time proving you don’t. But you still “think” you do because you are unable to see this invisible LAW that is controlling things.

A typical DC has around 800 minutes per week to see patients. So, if you want to see 400 visits a week you are REQUIRED with no exceptions, to average 2 minutes per person and that includes new ones and reports added in. Which means you must average around 1 minute for every office visit. Not 90 seconds or 2 minutes.

If you average 4 minutes per person you will hover around 100 or so a week.  A practice is an exact science. You average 2 minutes per person you will see twice as many people and earn twice as much as a DC who takes 4 minutes per person other factors being consistent. 

My personal favorite is when doctors say they want to “give quality care” and that takes more than 1 minute per visit to deliver. If this is true, then why do the DCs with a 1-minute office visit get 3 times the referrals you do?  Are you saying it is better to help fewer people?  Are you defending that a lower volume per week is better that a higher volume?

Is this not crazy? 

We have even seen social media posts where a CA will say: “We like to not only adjust but also educate our patients” in an effort to justify a slow treatment time. Yet other clinics are seeing twice the volume, have 3 times as many referrals, 3 times as many new ones, and collect twice as much.  Take your pick. 

People who know what they are doing can do it quickly and it doesn’t need to be explained because the care itself does all the explaining.

The Law of Self Image decrees that a doctor’s income will grow to the level of their deeply programmed self-image.  I see this all the time. It manifests in a doctor who quits the group despite having a record year and everything going perfectly. Their subconscious inner programming gets their conscious mind to quit, as if to say, this is where I want to get off the success train, I don’t deserve any more.

Yet the doctor will SAY or have conscious excuses to justify their subconsciously directed bad decision.  It would be like a Super Bowl winning quarterback quitting the team and coaching staff that got him to win because he subconsciously doesn’t think he deserves to win any more. This is high level stuff, but high-level success demands high level understanding of how people’s minds REALLY work.

The Law of Money Flow: Another invisible law that means a doctor will grow to the level of their financial organization. You MUST become much more organized and have much more vision financially to continue to grow up the collections and personal income ladder.

Again, Dunning Kruger syndrome is everywhere as most doctors “think” they are better with money than they actually are.

People who win a lottery, after a few years are usually right back where they were, if not farther in the hole. Why? The invisible Laws in the mind that control their life without them knowing it.  A good saying is: If you inherit a million dollars you better become a millionaire very quickly.

It requires a LOT of coaching to re-program your mind to get to the higher levels. And even more to become a debt free cash multi-millionaire.

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