How Do You Hire & Keep Good People?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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Hiring and keeping good people is an art. The first point to make is that you attract what you are. If you are on top of your health, your practice is organized, you are learning and studying, and you are working really hard, then you will attract better people than someone who’s not. Be the real thing.

We attract what we are.

The first step in hiring good people is to be a high performing, organized, sharp person yourself. “Tory how do you get such great people?” You don’t get great people, you make great people. It starts by who you are yourself.

Our hiring process is quite specific. We have many trainings on this. One key point: The doctor must lay out all the details of the position, in advance. This includes the pay, any bonuses, benefits, insurance, dental, vacation, sick days, holidays, how seminars and trainings are handled, the exact hours, and what the goals are for the practice.

The key responsibilities and everything about the position must be known ahead of time. So often the doctor hires somebody, but has not clearly defined what the position is or how it works. High caliber job candidates can sense this and they won’t work for you.

Better people can sniff out a business that is more organized. Since they’re in demand, they can choose where they want to work. In a sense, you don’t choose good people- good people choose you, but only if you and the position are worthy of being chosen.

We want to deserve good people who want to work for us. We’re so organized and prepared that we naturally draw higher caliber people. “Tory, I just can’t seem to find any good CAs.” Okay doctor, explain to me all the details of the position. “Well you know I haven’t figured that out yet.”

We define everything about the position then follow the WINNERSEDGE hiring procedure. You narrow it down to the best person. Ideally a male and female evaluate the candidate. Once confident in our choice, we bring the new CA on board for a probationary period.

Keeping good people is a different story. An entire book can be written on this. The key is to be the real thing yourself. Have good team meetings, team trainings, and team huddles. Make sure CAs can attend events both live and on Zoom. You can cultivate wonderful people that fall in love with Chiropractic and want to be there for a long time.

We must keep growing. If a CA gets bored because their doctor is not growing, then they are already looking to leave. People need to grow, to advance, to see a future. This means we must be ahead of them at all times by having a superior work and life ethic that makes them respect and look up to us.

It has been said that the best CAs are chiropractors at heart. This happens as a result of great education by the doctor and a natural desire to serve and help others.

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