What Should CAs Wear While At Work?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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People ask us all the time what they should wear to work as the doctor and for the team. We have videos and very smart recommendations for this based on the most authoritative human behavior research.

There is a scientific way to dress for power.

We have significant training on this at my DC and CA BOOTCAMPS. We actually analyze doctors from head to toe for every single person in the room. One of many reasons our BOOTCAMPS are the highest performance events in chiropractic today

The doctor: Of course we recommend the WINNERSEDGE “chiropractic uniform.” It is the go-to for any doctor who wants to have the most power, respect and compliance. We have 3 variations from the chiropractic uniform for the doctor to have as options.

We find it hilarious there are chiropractors out there who think they can “wear whatever they want” to work. This is a self-centered and expensive mistake.

You dress for THEM not for you, doctor.

“Are You The Doctor, Doctor?” -Barge

The FASTEST way to make a doctor more successful is for him or her to dress properly. This has been known for decades.

This must be taught. Not many know how to do this.

How you dress is how you control what other people think of you.

The clothes make the man.

The clothes make the woman.

What you are speaks so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying.

90% of a person’s opinion of you happens in three seconds, before you open your mouth.

People buy with their eyes.

People hear with their eyes.

Research: The tie a man wears to a job interview is more important than his resume. -Molloy

Show me a man’s ties and I will tell you who he is or who he is trying to be. -Molloy

Every woman loves a man in _______________.

Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed _____________. -ZZ Top

Image is ALL. -Maltz

Staff dress recommendations: We dress professional on Monday and Wednesday. We then dress sporty on Tuesday and Thursday. Then the doctor can determine what’s going to happen on Friday. Professional normally means black, nice pants, nice shoes and a nice top that fits well.

Tuesday and Thursday sporty outfits usually mean athletic pants, a nice athletic top with the logo of the practice silk screened or embroidered in it, along with a really cool jacket that has the logo of the practice on it as well. And of course matching shoes that stay at the office so they stay nice.

Our WINNERSEDGE offices take pride in their team uniforms. Our events are very impressive when you see the style and how put together our teams are.

Where to get these clothes and what exactly to do, this is a conversation for another time. It is not up to a CA to ever choose what to wear to work. If we want them to look nice, we provide the money and buy the outfits for them to wear to work. Then we expect that they keep them nice and clean so we can get a lot of mileage out of them.

Football players have a uniform waiting for them. Police officers have uniforms waiting for them. We have our doctor and CA uniforms waiting for us.

Yes, it is too bad if we hire somebody and set them up with their outfits and they’re not there for very long, but that’s the chance you have to take to have an office that runs and looks good. It’s no different than any other business that has uniforms. 

Dress right as the doctor and watch what happens! Get the team looking good and you will impress EVERYONE. You will then deserve to grow!

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