How Often Should the Team Have Meetings?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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Keeping the team on the same page is critical, especially for the team. Yes, the doctor knows what’s going on most of the time, but the team does not know if they’re not told.

We plan that every day before each shift we have a team huddle that’s about five minutes long. You go over every person that’s coming in that shift and what needs to be done with them. There are 4 possible things to address with every person on every visit. We have handouts and trainings on this.

Every week we also have a 30 minute team meeting using our Team meeting agenda. The weekly team meeting, along with the daily team huddles keep everybody in the office on the same page. We all need to know the deal with every single person that’s coming in. It is a simple system but quite incredible. It’s one of the secret weapons of the WINNERSEDGE high-performance office.

We recommend the team meeting be on Tuesday morning, normally 8 o’clock until 8:30. We have a team huddle at 8:30 and then if we have office hours starting at 9:00 we unlock the door after the team meeting. We never have a team meeting run up against an adjusting time because people will inevitably come in early and interrupt it.

The team meeting must be at a time where there are no interruptions and the door is locked. Offices become more successful using our system. We recommend that they have Tuesday morning off. The doctor and team use it for their team meeting, WINNERSEDGE Zooms, or trainings. They also use it to catch up on paperwork, become organized, or for marketing.

So Tuesday morning is the official day for team meetings for every office. This happens either before the shift begins or at some point during the morning if the office is advanced enough to not see patients on Tuesday morning.

This guarantees the team meetings will always be held. Everybody will grow and benefit from each one of them. Our team meeting agenda is so good. It keeps the meeting on track and makes sure you cover everything needed to keep the team on the same page. This makes every team meeting fast and fun, but also very valuable for the smoothness and growth of the practice!

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