What Are the 4 Enemies of Every DC

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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Every chiropractor/person has four enemies that they have to conquer internally. Laziness, weakness, cheapness and foolishness.

Nearly all of the problems a chiropractor has like underproduction, financial issues, fitness, relationship concerns or volume problems can all be traced to one or more of these four enemies.

The school system and society today breed these intentionally to make people ineffective. We want you to be one of the few that makes it through with your integrity and capabilities still intact.

Sadly most chiropractors have been consumed and taken over by these. We have a file cabinet with over 1000 chiropractor evaluations of chiropractors who say they want to double their practice, but they did not join the group. How is this possible that so many doctors want to double their practice but then do not do what’s required to do it?

They fail to join the group that has the exact plan to get them what they say they want, but they do nothing. And years later still have not grown to any respectable level. It is because they are lazy, weak, cheap or just plain foolish. I hate to say it, but truth is obvious. We do what we truly WANT to do. We do what we CARE enough about to get us off our tail and out there in the fight.

In fact, as you sit there right now, any area of your life where you’re not winning is because you’re being lazy or weak or cheap or foolish somehow. Really see how true this is.

It’s true for a chiropractor who’s reading my words right now who is not a member of the WINNERSEDGE group. This group can help you grow your practice and life more than any other entity on earth today. There’s only one reason for that. And that is because the chiropractor is lazy, weak, cheap, or just plain foolish.

To know what we have here, yet still not join, means a doctor actually wants to stay the same MORE then they want to grow. This type of mental imprisonment or learned helplessness has been socially engineered on purpose. Most people are programmed to be stuck. We want to wake doctors up and get their mind FREE to see what is really possible for them.

An exceptional chiropractor works very hard to conquer their laziness and conquer their weakness. They understand value and the smart trades that need to be made to become more successful, all in the pursuit of wisdom.

I even wrote a booklet called The Ultimate Wisdom from The Ultimate Source for the Ultimate Chiropractor. I took all the key Bible verses about laziness, foolishness, money and wisdom and put them into this inspiring and convincing booklet. If God almighty is talking about these things, then I want to be on the right side of them and never be a victim or be controlled by them.

Where are you being lazy? Why? Do you really know why?

Where are you being weak? Why?

Where are you being cheap? Can you identify this in yourself?

Where are you being foolish?

If your practice numbers or any other area of life are not where you want them – here is your answer why.

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