What Are the Office “Zones” That Must Be Covered?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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For maximum team performance, we look at the office and break it down in zones.

Zone 1 is the area behind the front desk. We want one main CA that knows how to do everything and basically run the office.

Highly successful offices always have at least one, key, full-time player that can run the office. This person knows everybody and how to do everything.

You want a good location, the right layout, and you must have that key person. All other employees are an extension of whoever runs Zone 1.

We would just have one person in the office if they had 6 arms and 6 legs. Since that is not possible we have a great Zone 1 CA and whoever else is required based on volume, X-ray, and therapy.

Sometimes the main CA is called the Office Manager. Titles really aren’t necessary and commonly cause more issues than they help. Normally an “Office Manager” is just a person who acts like they know more than they really do. The best CAs don’t care about titles. They care about being great CAs and taking great care of people!

Zone 2 is everything in the new patient paperwork area, the hot seat area, and the therapy area. Basically everything outside the front desk with the exception of the doctor areas and X-ray/exam room.

Zone 3 is the X-ray room.

Zone 4 is the doctors adjusting area, which the doctor is 100% responsible for.

In a single CA office, that person must handle Zone 1 and Zone 2. If they know how to take x-rays possibly Zone 3. Normally, in a one CA office the doctor takes all X-ray because we never want an empty front desk. In WINNERSEDGE, we have doctors reach 350 a week with one good CA using all our systems.

If there are two staff members then one does Zone 1 and the other one is responsible for everything that happens in Zone 2. The Zone 2 CA in the past has been called a “Tech CA.”

They cover and share responsibilities with each other as needed. A high-performance 2 CA office can see 400+ visits a week. If the office has decompression per our Level 3 or Level 4 practice model, we may need another half-time or full-time person.

If we have three team members we have a person in Zone 1, another person in Zone 1 that also helps out in Zone 2, and the third team member is the primary person in Zone two. If a CA can take X-rays, they can help in Zone 3.

You see, it becomes complicated because some offices have X-ray and some don’t. Some states allow a team member to take X-rays, some states don’t. Some have therapy and some don’t. These variations and all the combinations of them make this very complex. Consider all the different possibilities an office may have.

Multiple doctors in a clinic requires incredibly smart coaching to have any chance of running smoothly. Most multi-DC offices function as a single doctor office with two people fumbling and underproducing in it. If you are a multi-DC set up, you certainly should be WINNERSEDGE members. But of course, all DCs should be WINNERSEDGE members in our opinion. 🙂

Through coaching, we determine exactly what every office requires for a team, and which team members are going to do what. We must be streamlined and able to work fast and efficiently. This enables us to see a tremendous number of people in a very graceful way.

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