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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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What you believe determines what comes out of your mouth in the form of words, which then determines how powerful you are in communicating. Most doctors today come out of school with no idea what chiropractic is. They are told not to use the word “subluxation” despite it being the centerpiece of the entire profession!

A chiropractor not using the word subluxation would be like a dentist now being taught that cavities do not exist and to never use that pesky term “cavity” again. Just rub people’s jaw muscles and give them pills for their tooth pain. 

The schools were taken over by the medical profession and banks years ago and left with a dry, dusty, empty tank where chiropractic philosophy, belief and technique used to flourish. Look at the board exam content, all science and medical type information, look at the cost of school and student loans.

It used to be that you worked over the summer, then just wrote a check for your chiro school in the fall. And those DCs from the past are the GIANTS that built the entire profession. In fact, I am sitting here because those incredible doctors were the ones that made me want to become a DC 30 years ago. Some are still around today.

Here at WINNERSEDGE chiropractic philosophy, belief and anatomical, physiological, biological, and obvious truth reign supreme.

EVERY living person on earth is subluxated right now, including the writer and reader of this page, it is simply a matter of how bad.  The videos we recommend, the audios we recommend, the books we recommend plus our training here guarantee a doctor will be a chiropractic belief powerhouse.

This is what people want. NOBODY wants to deal, trust, do business, or spend money with a “dabbler” in any profession. We love the men and women who are INTO their work. Those with a deep and unwavering belief in who they are and what they do.

Right now, I am going to give you the smartest, most compact bit on chiro philosophy you have ever heard. If you are a doctor reading this who is not a member of WINNERSEDGE, after you read this you ought to quit stalling and decide to become a WINNER by joining today.

Chiro means hand. Practic is where we get the word practical.

Sub means less than or under, lux means light, life or energy. at- ion means the state of, positive state or negative state. Positive ion or negative ion. (It is amazing how our own language has physics and chemistry built into it. For example: Depress-ion = only focusing on the negative and not seeing the positive.

Adjust means to change modify or improve and ment means mind/mental, mental impulse.

So: We change, modify and improve mental impulse (adjustment) due to a state of less light, life and energy flowing in the body (subluxation) via the practical use of the hands (chiropractic!)

The depth of your belief determines how high you go in this profession. We want you to soar!

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