How Long Should a New Patient Take on Day 1

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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It should be under 30 minutes from when they walk in the front door to when they walk out the front door.

How do you do this when you’re really busy and have reports, walk-ins and everything else going on?

We have a modular new patient procedure that makes seeing new patients very easy.

We also have variations in the new patient procedure depending on how busy the office is. A new patient could take 30 minutes front door to front door, a new patient could even take 10 minutes front door to front door.

How fast you see a new patient depends on several factors. Are you going to take x-rays? Who takes the x-rays? Do you have the WINNERSEDGE office layout or is your exam an extra room down the hall somewhere?

Assuming you have the WINNERSEDGE layout and CA can take your x-rays for you, seeing new patients is unbelievably smooth.

If you have no X-ray this changes things. If you have to take the x-rays it changes things. We have the exact procedure for every practice scenario. It would take a booklet for me to describe how to handle each one of them here.

The doctor greeting with the patient. The consultation using our consultation script. The exam in the chair in front of the mirror like we teach. How we explain Chiropractic. All culminating with a very powerful Insta Report, then we introduce them to Chiropractic adjustments in our office for the first time.

Every moment of this process is critical. Like carrying a butterfly on your finger, one wrong move and they fly away forever.

Your first day has to be so good.  It is the thing that people will refer to. They don’t necessarily refer people in for care, they refer them in for the new patient experience.

If you find an ice cream shop that you like and you find yourself telling people about it, you were telling them because you wanted to go in and experience that ice cream shop for the first time. Same is true in chiropractic. If a patient is telling others about your office, it’s because they want them to experience your finely tuned day one process.

It used to be that we did not show any x-rays or do any adjusting the first day. The reason was because it took time to process the x-rays manually. Those days are over.

Even in some of my older videos I will teach doctors to wait before they adjust them. Those days are over. With our instant X-ray we can do an Instant Report like I teach. I’ve never seen this procedure taught anywhere else at the level we have here.

Day one will be the consult, exam, X-ray, Insta report first trip through the loop  to train them (adjustment). We close the visit for the day and send them our second video . It will be waiting for them when they get out of their car at home or wherever. They also leave with some very powerful handouts like your Patient Manual booklet.

The ultimate tool for the power office. Great videos plus the Patient Handbook are priceless. I have an original copy of the Patient Handbook from the Gonstead Clinic. Incredible. How many offices today have one?

Patients don’t know anything about you, your office or chiropractic. This handbook is the trick along with videos.

There was a time we all did evening lectures called Doctors Reports, or Half Hour To Health Workshops or Spine Care Classes. ALL the big DCs did these. I have recordings of several of mine from 20 years ago.  They are hilarious to see now. But they were really good. No wonder I was so busy. Today you can do Zoom Workshops at the click of a mouse and no DCs do them.

It is so easy to be successful today it is a joke. If you want to see 200 visits a day, I can show you exactly how to do it. Let alone just 100 a day, or 50.

We want to get handouts into the household as well as a video into the household.  This sparks referrals from family members, friends and coworkers. Everybody will ask “how things went at the chiropractor” and you want your patients to have a video to show, handouts and the Patient Handbook to show, along with what they tell everybody.

Summary: Day 1 should be under 30 minutes for a new patient. Sometimes much faster.

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