How Much Does it Cost to Start An Office?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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I’ve had chiropractors start with $7000 and other chiropractors start with basically unlimited money as their parents were wealthy and willing to help them with everything.

And everything in between.

It’s very simple, get as much money as you can and our goal is to not need it at all.

It isn’t so much a matter of how much it costs to start an office as it is how much you can you get. We work from there.

As a general rule the most expensive part of starting an office is the buildout itself. Students and new chiropractors are completely unaware of this. They are unaware of all the costs to start a chiropractic office. This is why every new graduate needs a consultant like myself before they graduate.

Once it is determined how much money the chiropractor can get, then we work backwards and consider how much it will cost to buildout the office itself. We prepare it to become a Chiropractic Clinic.

Then we turn our attention to equipment and everything else to make the place run and be legally able to open.

I would tell most DCs to try and get $150,000. We can do it for $100,000 or even much less with a space that doesn’t need much work.

The new chiropractor sees the beautiful new strip mall and says “I found a perfect place for my office” until they realize the buildout is going to cost them $80,000 out of their own pocket. They only have $100,000 to start a practice.

Even though the place is awesome they can’t afford it. Like walking into a Lamborghini dealer saying “I found a perfect sports car, I really want to have it, it’s great Tory!”

I say: “Well, what does it cost in relation to how much money you have?” They then walk out the door with a frown realizing they can’t afford it. No problem, we find the right space for what you can do.

So we get as much money as you can, the best possible space you can, understand the total cost to get the office open, leaving a lot of $$ for promotion and marketing. The goal is to get the practice up and profitable.

We want you over 100 visits a week in a month but 90 days is our guideline to meet. The best in the group right now is over 100 visits a day within eight weeks of opening a brand new office. You can do it too!

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