How to End Up Young When You Retire

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright had a saying: “Age, you can do nothing about, but youth is a quality, and if you have it it will never leave you.”

Being a chiropractor and small business owner can take a toll on you physically and mentally.

It even runs many people into the ground.

How do you end up retiring early with youth, health, and vitality on your side?

The key is to do a lot of really hard work early on to get everything going well.

Most chiropractors never put in this sun-up to sun-down seven-day-a-week effort to get their business working perfectly.

Many doctors start out in practice basically part-time with a part-time schedule and a part-time effort but somehow expect a full-time result.

I started in practice with a schedule of 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday and then for a few hours on Saturday morning. It’s just the way it was.

No new graduate would even think of a schedule like that today. Which is why so few new graduates become very successful.

Here are the secrets to ending up young, 30 years after being in practice.

Of course don’t smoke anything of any kind.

Alcohol will destroy your body and make you soft faster than anything.

Hire a trainer and work out at least two days a week and never miss.

Weigh yourself every morning and control what you eat based on what you weigh. If you continuously gain just a couple pounds a year, after 30 years you’re in big trouble. You cannot let it even start.

And of course, save money automatically just like we teach.

In addition, we must make good relationship decisions along the way. A person is better off never getting married than marrying the wrong person and suffering a divorce.

A marriage is a business contract between people. In the end, people often realize it was more about business than it ever was about love.

Money causes divorces. Money and business are basically the same thing. So the business partnership failed. We never want this to happen.

Summary: We have to keep our health intact physically and mentally and our financial health in order. No money = high stress = you age fast. Work your tail off so this never happens!

You can end up 60, 70, 80 years old and actually be younger than many people who are 35!

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