Should Married DC Couples Practice Together?

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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I have had over 20 married DC couples in my coaching group.

It may be the most difficult thing to coach out there. Almost impossible actually. You are blending a professional relationship with a personal relationship. It is difficult to separate the two.

The dynamics here are the same as they are for all multi-doctor offices. The physics involved are so complicated it would take a long time for me to explain. I have a two-hour video set describing multi-doctor office physics.

If you want to see as many people as possible, and be as successful as possible, you have to do it alone.

All the best efforts happen alone, with nobody else around to get in the way or to have to share anything with.

Let’s say you have your own practice and you have a friend with a practice a couple miles away.

You each have an X-ray machine.

Let’s say you decide you want to practice together, which one of you wants to get rid of their X-ray machine?

In a chiropractic office, the moment two doctors have to share anything all growth screeches to a permanent halt.

Two doctors working in one office basically produces less than what one doctor would produce alone. Because you have two people fumbling over each other all the time.

From a pure success perspective, people should practice alone. From a relationship perspective, many people want to own a business and practice together.

They simply must understand that they will never produce as much as they would if they were practicing alone.

A week ago I did a money training. I told the group if you can take home $5000 a week in practice you are on top of your game. A married couple practicing together jumped in and said: “We are already taking home $5000 a week.”

Do you see the problem?

They said “We” are taking home $5000 a week and I meant a solo DC takes home $5000 a week.

This means they would need to take home $10,000 a week right?

Notice how they speak as though they have melted into one human being. They cut their potential in half. It just naturally happens when two people are together. They look at the TOTAL numbers as if they were their own.

In my coaching group, with hundreds of chiropractors since 2008, not once has a multi-DC office come close to matching the collections record of a single doctor office. Even with all our super powered practice success weapons.

Really think about why this is.

Why is it that two doctors working together can’t produce what one doctor can, when they should be able to produce double. This is a physics problem.

If a married couple wants to practice together they will need an incredible amount of coaching.

My office layout for the multi doctor office is their only hope for success. Along with the proper type and amount of equipment, the way the front desk is designed, how many staff, how many phone lines, how many chairs, how many parking spots, and exactly how the schedules work. It is very complex to do this well.

It is this simple: If you have two doctors in one office you are REQUIRED to double everything. Twice the chairs, bathrooms, phone lines, computers, X-ray machines, tables, parking spots, right?

If not, someone is going to get shortchanged.


If you have one doctor and one CA in an office, how many relationships do you have? Just one.

If you have one doctor and 2 CAs how many relationships do you have? There are three.

If you have 2 doctors and 4 CAs how many relationships do you have? There are fifteen!

Below, each dot is a person in the office. Which office do you want to manage?

With 6 people working in one office, this creates fifteen different relationships, frictions points, and elements to manage. What are the odds that everyone gets along? You will have to hire another person just to fill in since 4 team members will almost always have some issue that keeps one of them unable to work.

If a couple wants to practice together it must be for the right long term reasons.

How will it work if there are kids involved?

There are many considerations here. If this is what you want to do in practice, get connected and let’s make it a fun and successful as possible!

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