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Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

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Years ago in practice it was a dream to be able to use videos for education in the office or for marketing purposes.

The only video that was available were VHS cassettes that were difficult to record and expensive to duplicate and send.

The thought of having something called email where you could instantly send a video was not even on our radar.

Even still, back then offices had video players with educational videos. Very few made educational videos or duplicated bulky VHS cassettes to send to potential patients.

Now chiropractors can make a video instantly and send it instantly, and I don’t see anybody using video to an impressive degree. It is odd that the easier something becomes, how much less people do it.

I have now recorded easily over 1000 videos. Over 800 are archived on my website for my clients. This is probably more videos than all coaching groups have ever recorded combined in the last hundred years.

All I want you to do is make 5 to 10 videos to have on your website and to use as a sequence with new patients that come in. It’s difficult to try to be complete in what you tell patients, but if you put it in a video it is perfect every time.

Really think about this: Making videos is instant and free. And, instant and free to send them to patients. How many videos have YOU made for your patients and for your website? 

The videos I recommend are the videos that a patient sees before they come in for their new patient appointment.

Second is the video the CA sends to them as they leave after their new patient appointment before the Plan and Payment part of the report.

As they start care they get a video with a specific focus like we teach.

The 4th video around the 10th to 12th visit.

Then the 5th video in the sequence is before the Re-sign process.

These videos guarantee MUCH greater understanding of all things chiropractic, you, and your care.

A five video series that you can walk into the office and record on one Saturday morning.

We do what we CARE enough to do. I care about my patients, so I go through the learning process to be able to make videos for them.

I even made a 34 video set of patient education videos that my clients can copy word for word if they like.

The ones that have are being incredibly well rewarded with better compliance and less time than they have to spend with the patient because the patient has already seen the material in a video!

Using videos in the office is a secret weapon and I feel essential for the practice of the future. So do this: Make 2 videos.

Make one for the homepage of your website. Copy mine closely. Then make a video on the highlights of your office and how chiropractic works.

When a new patient is coming in initially, they are a captive audience. When in pain people are super interested in their condition – so this is the time they will watch videos.

Other recommended videos are: Neck exercises. Simple back exercises, Ice or heat, Do’s and don’ts for best results, The ”N” diagram from Reggie Gold DC, Our Report Diagram, and the Re-sign diagram.

My 34 video set of examples represents the standard for videos in chiropractic today.

Some even make these and then email one a week to their patients. Truly awesome! Remember, you can say everything perfectly on a video – so patients can hear it perfectly for years.

Saving you tremendous time and increasing the power of your message. “Tory, can I just send them your videos?”  Why, so they can bond with me and not want to see you? Whoever makes the video is the authority figure, which must be you! Plus video making is incredibly fun!

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