What Do New Patients Want Now Compared to the Past

Dr. Tory Robson

Dr. Tory Robson

Chiropractic Practice Success Consultant

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What do you want when you go to any doctor or professional?

Are you delivering that to your patients?

My real breakthroughs in practice came when “I decided to start giving people what I would want myself.”

Imagine you had a loved one get injured on vacation in California and they walked into a chiropractic office, what would you want to happen? 

What would you hope the staff and doctors’ attitude would be? The speed, quality of care, pricing? Would you want the clinic to be honest or would you want a weak doctor who was afraid to tell the truth?

How would you want the exam to go? The first adjustments?  

If chiropractors could temporarily possess another person and become a patient in their own office, most would not go to themselves.

We are also in the era of speed. Instant everything. So here is what people want. If you can deliver it, you will have an abundance of patients for life. You will also have a practice that is very valuable to sell down the road.

In fact, I just helped a client sell their practice for $1,000,000. Is that a lot of money? Actually, the incoming doctor got an incredible deal since the office will generate high collections for years to come.

People want a smile, speed, simple paperwork, a doctor dressed nice who looks like a doctor, attentiveness, dexterity, a careful exam that finds “it.”

Pure truth always, and some really good adjustments that will help people. It really is easy.

It is easy to understand and easy to read about. But are you delivering that?

Notice, you cannot smell your own bad breath and your nose is two inches form your mouth. 

So we rely on our stat sheets. They tell us very clearly if we are delivering what people want. Not what we “think” they should want.

Our PVA and patient referrals tell a story. Do people stay under care for a long time and do they send others in?

I just had a member with 74 referrals last month and another with 2 referrals.  The 74 is truly outstanding and represent a new record in the group. This doctor is doing things as “Winners Edgy” as they can – and it shows.

If you were to meet them both, how quickly would you be able to determine which one of them is the one who had the 74 referrals compared to the one who pulled 2? Probably instantly. Why?

Because the 74 referral doctor will be smiling more! They will be happier, more positive and magnetic. The other doctor would be saying: “I’d be happy too if I just had 74 referrals.”

No doctor, you must be a genuinely, to the core, happy person FIRST. That’s what brings the people. Never the other way around.

Today there are so many choices and short attention spans, so you must do everything right.

Years ago you could be sloppy and still do okay. Not now.

Your layout, scripting, image and every word that comes out of your mouth matters.

To do this requires significant training. I learned once from a consultant I had who has long since retired: Be a nice, likeable, agreeable, well dressed, good person who tells every patient the clear truth in a caring way. He is right!

In summary: Patients want a sharp dressed, happy doctor who is VERY well trained, smart, caring, assertive, and lays it out straight. With body melting tableside manner and dexterity. Plus intentional adjustments. Add a nice office, smooth treatment time, and fees that make sense!

Patients want everything, just like YOU do everywhere you go!

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