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Dr. Tory Robson

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Years ago I was just getting into studying success and success material.

I was reading books and listening to every success audio set I could find.

I was very fortunate to come across a man named Foster Hibbard. He has been gone for some time now.

He taught seminars years ago and he made two audio sets. One of those audio sets was called The Millionaires Seminar and the other one was called The Art of Total Living. They are very difficult to find today.

He taught there were only four areas of life. Love, health, career and money.

I remember hearing this and being critical of it. But as I thought about it, he was right.

Everything in life can fit into these four categories. All of our spiritual pursuits can fit under love.

I saw the value of this and realized it would be important to have goals in all four areas. In our teaching when we set goals, we make sure we set love and relationship goals, health and fitness goals, career and practice goals, as well as money goals.

This is how we have total balance in our life. The love, health, career, and money concept is one of the smartest things a chiropractor can employ to really keep their life on track.

So often our focus gets imbalanced toward our practice, but this assures we have goals in all areas.

It is also very important for making decisions. If we’re going to make a relationship decision, how is it going to affect your health, your career, and money?

If you’re going to make a money decision, how is that going to affect your career or your health or your relationships?

It is an incredibly smart standard to use in all of our decision making.

We are very fortunate to be aware of and utilize the LOVE, HEALTH, CAREER and MONEY concept.

We courage you to join us!

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